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  1. hi there Paul,,it seems to be when i do 3 or 4 short journeys in a row,,i then give it a run so all up to running temp and it usualy goes back to normal,,yes its the duratec engine no A/C on mine it revs about twice tickover speed nothing drastic and then somtimes it sort of hunts revs up and down could it be the mass air thingy ?? the air filter in clean etc i will check all pipes etc and see what a caper :) Howard
  2. hi there,,sometimes the tick over is sort of up and down ,, sometimes runs a bit fast more so when engine is cold or not up to running temp if i give it a quick half throttle stab in goes back to normal tick over speed ?? perhaps i am looking at the wrong bit here Howard
  3. hi there i have a 53 plate Ford KA is the oxygen sensor as easy to remove and fit as it seems,,looks like a spark plug socket will fit it looks like the original one in there,,and looks a bit rusted in once its fitted is there anything else to do,,or just start the engine and away i go as it were many thanks Chopped
  4. ok many thanks,,,
  5. hi there,,i am going to fit a new thermostat housing kit on a KA 53 plate with the duratec engine is it wise to use any gasket seal blue gasket for example when mating the two surfaces together there is a new rubber gasket that came with the housing i have removed the old housing and gasket because it was seeping abit and was thinking to use blue gasket to help seal it up ??? many thanks,,,
  6. ahhhh ok :) i thought i had to buy them with a new mechanism etc many thanks for the help
  7. hi there,,i have a 03 ka,,can anyone tell me what rear brake shoes it needs,,ive been told it may be just "ordinary" shoes or it may need ones with a rachet adjustment on them ive looked thro the peep hole but just cant see enough just wondered if anybody knew the answer thanks in advance
  8. hi there,,, i have the basic ford ka radio,,the volume button has broken ,, does anybody know if you can buy the round control bit the volume and seek bit,it just presses on cant find it any where regards Chopped
  9. hi there,,i have a 53 plate ford ka with a duratec engine,, sometimes when on a cold start the cooling fan starts after a few seconds of the engine running ?? i have had no over heating or warning lights on,, does anybody know of a seller of ford parts on here ?? Thanks for any replys :)
  10. ok thanks delboy ,, is it a mot issue do you think,, hope its not dangerous :( thanks again
  11. hi there i have a 53 plate ford ka with what sounds like a dry bush on the front end someware,,sort of sounds creaky and dry sound,checked the coil springs they are fine and there is no leakage,,seems to be passenger side but hard to tell could it be the bush on top of the suspension,, its hard to pin point when driving :(( it drives fine and does not pull to one side or the other it does it on straight and cornering driving just wondering if anybody has had similer problem ??? the cars done 60,000 miles many thanks in advanced,,,, Chopped
  12. do you know if the o ring is on the sensor its self or does the o ring fit into the hole before re fitting the sensor if you see what i mean
  13. hi there,,i have a 53 plate ford ka 1.3 duratec petrol engine,,i have a small coolant leak on a sensor on the heater section for the car interior (see Pics) is there a rubber o ring on the sensor as the leak is only around this sensor,, seems to be held in a spring clip affair,,is it easy to replace ?? many thanks Chopped
  14. ahh ok,,its just that i read somware that mixing differant antifreeze makes can do damage
  15. hi there,i need to top up my ford KA 53 plate header tank it has the pink genuine ford 50/50 mix in i have some Comma red ethylene glycol silicate free antifreeze can i use this or will it not mix properly etc many thanks