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  1. Ford Focus 1.6 Zetec S Engine Problems

    thanks for the help mate thank you
  2. Ford Focus 1.6 Zetec S Engine Problems

    Today ive been looking for engines and found out theres 2 a black top and alloy rocker cover now i presume mines the alloy 1 but does the black top fit and if so are all the auxilary bits fit the same please help me
  3. A Few Problems

    i just brought my focus and the key opens and locks the car fine but the remote buttons dont work so i replaced the battery in the key but that still hasnt made it work i only got 1 key with the car no master with blue or red chip bit please help???
  4. i brought a 1999 focus zetec now what engines fit this car as i been told the fiesta fits aswell or would it be easier or more cost effective to just replace the piston that we think has a hole in it?????????