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  1. Windscreen Wiper Knocking Noise

    I'll have a look tomorrow
  2. Windscreen Wiper Knocking Noise

    63 plate car done it from brand new
  3. Windscreen Wiper Knocking Noise

    It goes back to normal then drops a tad & makes the click
  4. Windscreen Wiper Knocking Noise

    It's when it goes back to the stationary position. It might be but it's annoying as hell
  5. I have a mk3 focus and when I put my wipers on intermittent I hear a knocking noise as the wiper goes back to its stationary position. Does anyone else have this issue or know what it could be?
  6. Respraying Alloys Black

    Deffo worth it tbf if it looks rubbish peel it off
  7. Focus Mk3 Lowered Suspension

    Ain't bothered if it's lowered to zs/st level
  8. Respraying Alloys Black

    Gonna try plasti dip to see what the colour looks like and for a long term choice probably get them professionally done
  9. Anyone lowered there mk3 yet? If so what kit did you use? How much? Did you DIY or get a garage/company to fit
  10. Respraying Alloys Black

    Gonna go for matt black plasti dip
  11. Respraying Alloys Black

    What you think to matt black on my 18s?
  12. Respraying Alloys Black

    Why only for winter with plasti dip? Could you not do it for all year round?? Has anyone used this plasti dip?? Just watched a you-tube video and looks easy to put on and to take off if you don't like it?? Thoughts??
  13. Respraying Alloys Black

    I have new alloys on my car and wondered if I still need to rub em down or key em before spraying them with primer? The black paint?
  14. 1.0 Ecoboost Boost Gauge

    Yeah I've seen it...way to technical for me lol
  15. 1.0 Ecoboost Boost Gauge

    Where can you purchase a torque pro from?