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  1. Prices Now Adays

    Wish i could get down there and do them myself, just havent got the mobility anymore both knees are shot(waiting for replacements) and i'm on crutches..
  2. Prices Now Adays

    Been doing a bit of interent browsing for a set of mud flaps for our focus mk1 (5 door hatch) and some of the prices vary.. I've been quoted at £35 for a complete set of Ford and £22 for a complete set of non Ford mud flaps, any body know where i can get them cheaper as i have to pay to have them fitted.. I looked at ebay etc
  3. Front Muds

    I was wondering if it's hard fitting a set of front muds to our focus mk1.. or should i get a mech to fit them..
  4. My New Zetec S

    This new brillant white is al the rage at the moment and i must say that if a colour suits a car then it's a focus or a fiesta.. Stunning set of wheels.....
  5. Valeting

    Has anybody ever used a professional valeting service?, if so what did it entail for the amount it cost and was it worth it..
  6. Body Work

    A few months ago some idiot rammed a supermarket trolly into the O/S wing and put a dent in the wing the same shape has the bars the trollys are made of.. We purchased a original replacement wing as we where told buy one of those dent specialist that it could'nt be repaired as it was too close to a fold.. We eventually found a body shop to do the work 5mins away... He looked at the car and told us that it's 1005 repairable and leave it with us over till the next day.. The guy preped and primed the replacment wing, worked on the excisting wing, repaired and repainted a scratch on the wing mirror and a chip on the bonnet... We picked up the car and he was right you couldnt tell that it had been repaired completely expertly done.... So now i'm left with a primed and preped wing... Any way on the way home we had to swerve away from a waggon on our side of the road which in return threw up a peice of metal and !Removed! chipped the bonnet in the same sopt as the repair but now its a bigger chip. We pulled over but the waggon had vanished... To say i'm angry is an under statement..... But what can one do to avoid this...NOWT So more expense..
  7. Pro Shine

    Bought some Proshine earlier this year and we decided to have a look at ebay for some more... Boy Oh Boy where do they get these prices from? i'ts more than doubled since i bought some... Any other options besides pro shine..
  8. Wing Respray

    Hi all We have got a new replacement wing that needs spraying before it's fitted anybody in the north manchester area able to help....
  9. Body Colour?

    anybody got any ideas how i can find out what the actual colour of my Focus is! I have looked at the plate under the bonet and it's just a list of letters followed by other letters and numbers....
  10. Paint Work

    Any body got any idea how to remove minor scratches only surface marks etc.. I've been told to use the coloured metallic t-cut but i'm not to sure... I've got some proshine but thats what it does just bring up and nice shine and a coat of wax....
  11. Repairs

    Hi All I'm going to remove the drivers side front wing on our Focus mk1 anybody got any tips before i start... Not done this before so i'm going into it blind and learning as i go....
  12. Focus Mk1

    The proshine looks ok anybody know where you can get it from besides ebay...
  13. Focus Mk1

  14. Focus Mk1

    I can honestly say that we have never had a problem....(touch wood) except 2 new front tyres,new front brakes, new wiper blades.... It gets serviced every year.. it's done 40000 with many of those touring scotland. I've been advised by a ex-ford mechanic to have the brake fluid, power steering fluid, and coolant changed. i'm looking to have it professionaly polished and then we will keep on top of it...
  15. Focus Mk1

    Hi All we have a focus 98/04 model first reg in 05. We bought the car when it was almost 12months old andonly done about 4000mls, now that we have had the car for 4yrs all that we have ever had done is front brakes, front tyres, new wiper blades, and it's been serviced every yr.. The wife simply adores the car and almost snarls if anybody goes near it that she doesnt know.. The car has done many many many many many miles touring scotland, what can we do to keep it 1005 besides a good polish and putting an injection cleaner in the fuel? would anybody recommend putting a cat cleaner?