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  1. Nope, no joy. The basic problem is the car wont go into learn mode. Ive tried all methods. I believe the key is working, but the car either cant hear it or cant understand it, although i dont see why the key would suddenly deprogram overnight. What box of electrics are we talking about? Is this the same box of electrics that incorporates the radio reciever/transmitter? Can it be swapped out ? Where does it live? **edit** Ive noticed another symptom. Normally if you lock the doors from inside, theres a clunk as all the electic solenoids in all the doors activate and they all lock together. Thats isnt happening. The door solenoids are dead. The hazards flas when you arm the alarm by locking the door with the key. Maybe there a fuse blown somewhere? Is the alarm on its own fused circuit ? **edit** There is. Fuse 25, 20A, central locking and double locking. Wonder if that fuse has blown?? Ill check tomorrow. **edit** fixed, fuse blown, but it doesnt look like it to look at, switched it with the fog lamp fuse, key fob came alive and fogs stopped.
  2. Nah, doesnt work, already tried that, car doesnt go into learn mode. SO the synptoms are a) car doesnt receive from key even though were sure key works, and B ) car doesnt go into learn mode. What would cause this? Poor electrical connectors? faulty receive system ? need some sort of indicator as to what box of electrics im looking for and what connectors to clean.
  3. The remote locking key fob stopped working last night. I put a new battery in, doesn't make any difference, so i started to research it. Hold the button down on the key for 2 secs and the LED will flash - yep does that, so the key must be ok. Its a radio key not infrared, so i found the instructions to reprogram the key. Put key in ignition, move it from position II to 0 4 times in 6 secs, the light on the clock comes on and its in learn mode - umm no its doesnt, nothing happens, apart from the ignition going on and off. I conclude the receiver or other part of the remote locking in the car must be shagged. Car locks normally with the key in the lock. Anyone else concur? Or does anyone know any other diagnostics i can try ?