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  1. Hi everyone Has anybody got a Sony Ericsson running android 2.3.3 to stream music over Bluetooth. I can't for the life of me get this working and the Ford website says it is compatible. I start my music player on my phone, press the auxiliary button and all I get is line-in. If I go into the BT audio menu it tells there are no devices although my phone is paired and phone calls can be made and received, what am I missing? Thanks
  2. Tyre Repair Kit

    Hey everyone, after yet another puncture I have been out today and bought a spare wheel instead of the tyre repair kit. Does anyone know though if the compressor can be used without the tyre repair gunge to inflate the tyre? Would be handy if it can so it can be thrown in the boot to ready when needed. Thanks
  3. Replacment Power Socket Cap?

    Not sure what you were looking for on ebay but there are loads, like this one ebay
  4. I Washed My Car Key Fob!

    If you go to page 89 on this link if shows you what can be done with the keyless fob. The fob needs to be in a certain position to get it work. Manual Link As far as I know there is no manual key start. Have you changed the battery to just to check that?
  5. I Washed My Car Key Fob!

    Just hold the fob up to where you would normally insert the key (if there was) it should have a blanking plate on it. Hold it there while you try and start the car normally.
  6. Parrot System Bass

    I might be totally off track here, but I assume you are playing music from a bluetooth compatible device through the parrot system? If so does that device have it is own EQ that you can change it on?
  7. Winter Tyres On Zs 17"

    Not sure if this will be any use to you, I only have ideas of prices for 15" and 16" tyres. I spent hours phoning round for prices from different people. Might be of use to other people. BTW Gordon's tyres quoted a minimum 6 week delivery time for some brand I have never heard of. Kwik-Fit quoted me £280 for 4 15" tyres and £350 for 4 16" tyres - these were continental and could be fitted almost immediately (I phoned round on Saturday). They also quoted me £200 each for Michelin's. The Kwik-Fit price also included free wheel alignment. I phoned lots of other places as well but they won't able to quote on them, didn't go to any independent garages though. Just on a side note, if you do go to Kwik-Fit they offer a tyre hotel service. It is £45 but they will send your summer tyres away to a warehouse for "safekeeping" till you want them back on, then they will ship them to your local branch and refit them for you. Same for winter tyres as well.
  8. Fiesta Locking System

    The boot will automatically open as soon as the fob is near the car, that is all that is needed for the boot. When you walk away from the car the boot will automatically lock. When the dashboard lights stay on is it when you have been out to the boot but not started the car?
  9. 2012 Mot Changes

    Just found this another site as well There are to be some changes to the MOT test from 1st January 2012 which are being introduced in response to European Commission Directive 2010/48/EU of the 5th July 2010 and which will effect those with aftermarket HID headlights and remapped ECUs: 4.1.4 Compliance with requirements: a Lamp, emitted colour, position or intensity not in accordance with the requirements b Products on lens or light source which obviously reduce light intensity or change emitted colour c Light source and lamp not compatible 4.1.5. Levelling devices (where mandatory): a Device not operating. b Manual device cannot be operated from driver’s seat. 4.1.6 Headlamp cleaning device (where mandatory): Device not operating. For anyone with a remap, section 6.1.9 may be relevant. 6.1.9 Engine performance: a Control unit illegal modified. b Illegal engine modification. (by 'illegal', it is assumed that they mean changed/programmed differently from OEM specifications) There will also be a new check on the general condition of the wiring: 4.11. Electrical wiring a Wiring insecure or not adequately secured. b Wiring deteriorated. c Damaged or deteriorated insulation and on the function of airbag and seat belt pre-tensioner systems: 7.1.4. Safety belt Pre-tensioners: Pre-tensioner obviously missing or not suitable with the vehicle. 7.1.5. Airbag: a Airbags obviously missing or not suitable with the vehicle. b Airbag obviously non-operative. 7.1.6. SRS Systems: SRS MIL indicates any kind of failure of the system. Some of the above won't be popular with some around here I know, but VOSA have confirmed that the necessary changes to the MOT test schedule will be introduced and from 1st January 2012 vehicles that fall foul of the new requirements will fail the test. I think the biggest change is that they will now be able to detect re-maps and car will fail the MOT if this is the case. I assume that this has been brought in because a lot of people who re-map their cars don't inform their insurance company
  10. 2012 Mot Changes

    Not sure if any of you have seen this, or if any of these will actually come off but these are some of the things being considered for MOTs from the start of 2012, I have seen these been discussed other sites but didn't see it any where here. Shamelessly lifted from another site by the way. HID lights – Specifically those aftermarket kits that give the very bright headlight beams. Any cars found with these kits will be an automatic MOT failure. Testers are able to easily spot the difference between HID kits, and manufacturer fitted Xenon’s. Easy to spot as Xenon cars have suspension level sensors, in car beam adjuster, and usually headlight washers. Chipped ECU’s - Unsure of just how/if this one will realistically be enforced, but any cars with chipped ECU’s will in theory be an MOT failure. I can only assume VOSA have found an easy way of checking ECU software through the cars OBD port (diagnostic plug). Wiring harness – The general condition of he wiring harness will be checked to make sure there is no rubbing or chaffing, and that the harnesses are in generally good condition. If unsecure, or damaged again MOT failure. Airbag warning lights - If any warning lights are illuminated, it will again be an MOT failure.
  11. Pcn Ticket Recieved Outside My House

    According to this website the code would be 86. Parking Regulations
  12. Pcn Ticket Recieved Outside My House

    Unfortunatly I agree with this. Solaris is parked within the white lines down the sides of the car, the car behind has their right hand side wheels outside the parking bay. The car parked two back is parked the same as Solaris.
  13. Pcn Ticket Recieved Outside My House

    I am no expert with this, I live in Leeds, however I do manage van drivers in London and am forever having problems with this. My experience of different London boroughs is that they all have different rules and Waltham Forest is not one I have dealt with before. However from the pictures you have posted I would say the problem you have is your front wheels are outside the designated parking area. Out of interest did the van get a parking ticket? If not, assuming the van was there when you got your ticket, I would say you have grounds to complain, but no appeal. "code 62C" "Parked with one or more wheels on or over a footpath or any part of a road other than a carriageway." seems to suggest that you are parked on the footpath, however considering the designated parking zone is marked out on the footpath this can't be the case. As already mentioned I would say the problem is the two wheels outside the parking zone. There maybe other better advice forthcoming from other members, in the mean time the link below explains PCNs from Waltham Forest Waltham Forest PCN
  14. Electric Folding Mirrors + Winter

    Are you sure remembered to press the middle of the joystick after selecting the option. If so you might have a problem. If I go into the menu then vehicle-> powerf mirrors and set it to 'no link to lock' then lock the car, the mirrors do not fold in.
  15. Bluetooth / Drivers Seat Problems

    Have you got your phone on silent? If the phone is on silent (not sure about all phones) then you won't get a ring tone through the car either. I had this with my Nokia 5800, not sure about my Sony Ericsson, never have this one on silent.