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  1. Seat Belt Locked

    Hi there, The steatbelt on my N reg fiesta totally locked on me yesterday and will not budge. I took it to Kwik fit who said they couldnt fix it but keep tugging at it and if that doesnt work i will need to take it to a ford dealer. Has this happened to any one else? and what can I do to fix it?. thanks
  2. Mot Renew Date????

    Thanks everyone, will book it in tomorrow!
  3. Mot Renew Date????

    Hi all I have a Ford Fiesta which was registered 28/03/07, the problem is I dont know when the MOT is due as I only got the car 6 months ago. Is it covered for 3 yrs then I have to get an MOT done? and does that mean an MOT is due now or am I covered until March 2011??? Cheers :)