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  1. Hi i have a mk7 fiesta i had a problem in the rain and it spluttered as well it was due to water leaking from tge washer jets on to the spark plug which made them crap took it back to ford and they sorted they said it happens alot on the focus aswel
  2. i had the same problem with my zs i took it to my mates garage and he said due to the crap design of the water pipe or somthing due to the water jets on the point somtimes they leak water on to the spark plugs what cause the shakes as it leads to a miss fire he said he had a fair few focus doing the same we changed the spark plugs and put a new water pipe on never had the problem since
  3. there group buy on another web site for 131 delivered on all mk7s if ya intrested pop ya name below and ill pm u with detail but make sure your 100%
  4. booom this is mine gotta get some smaller tyres but they were brand new and free so cant complain
  5. Basicly if you dont no what your doin dont do it ya self in a nice way otherwise your mess the car up or get a spring in the face
  6. iv got the simlar problem but my car is not as bad it feels like its hiccuping but not throwing out no lights on the dash on at idle its doing a simluar thing but every 10 secs on my mk7 but the warranty just run out anyone know or if you solve it let us know and ill try it
  7. Dont worry bt it mate i had same problem and they all do it even the focus its just the air con compressor
  8. Not raging it when i pull off thers a sec of no power then it kicks in
  9. Can anyone help hav a 58 plate fiesta but when its cold and i accelerate there no power then 2 secs later it kicks in feel as somthing is stuck i have had breaks done checked twice anyone know
  10. Hi everyone doing a group buy for eibach springs not a defo but lookin at people who are intrested. For all mk4 to mk7
  11. Iv had a number of problems vibrations on pedals loss of power when somtimes turning and found millions of lil stones dents at the back of the car seems like its made of tin how it dents so easy
  12. I got some brand new ones dan for sale eibach and dont void your warrenty let me know in the sale section
  13. Hi guys been drivin to work and every time i apply the brakes after i get a squeak comin from the wheel at low speed and only when the car is going forward and would this br covered on warranty and if it help the car a 58 fiesta zetec s
  14. Ok thanks anyway found some on ebay gonna take a trip to the scrapyard see if i can get any
  15. Cheers guys ye defo get pics up and ye mine took 2 days but needed time to dry but i wud really get it done looks much better