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  1. Cheers Stef123, Car was only mot'd 3 weeks ago....is this something they could of picked up on?
  2. Went over speed bump in street to-day (slowy) heard a loud bang, on inspection of front tyre found it was almost inside out, Ironically was on way to Kwik Fit for a tyre as had punture yest?! recovery guy said it was coil spring snapped in 2 from what he could see....Showed me it definatly snapped alrite, and that caused my tyre to pop Took it away for repair anybody any idea as to cost?? Mk3 Zetec Cheers
  3. It's a 1.8 mark 3 mondeo, recently it has been juddering\stuttering after slowing down e.g junction, roundbout etc. mainly in 2nd/3rd gear then sometimes seems to surge in acceleration slighty, once foot is lifted off accelerartion pedal its fine as well at high speed.....though is now getting on my wick! Don't have any clue with cars, i just drive it & pay someone to fix it but with credit crunch n all that, needs must ....Garages seem to see me and coming and glady but politely rip the ****, kinda want to have rough idea of cost etc before the afore mentioned crap taking lol Cheers