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  1. Looking for a new 2011 Ford Focus? Save £2505 on the Zetec model with £500 appearance pack included! Only at - Visit us here for details:

  2. Get your new 2012 Fiesta Zetec 1.25 3 Door for only £10595 only @ - DAB Radio for July and August Factory Builds!!!!

  3. 2011 Focus Zetec 1.6 125ps now £14995 plus £750 from FCE = A great deal!

  4. Just thought I'd let anybody that is interested - (that's us!!) have a limited number of Focus Zetec 1.6 5 Door for sale @ £10995 after the FCE Deposit allowance of £500. These are brand new - un registered - UK spec cars. Bluetooth is free and we have some available, at extra cost, fitted with the Sport Pack. You can visit and visit Focus pages or call on 0800 158 5959 Regards, Lee FordOnline
  5. BOOOM!! Focus Zetec 1.6 5 Door Brand Spanker @ £10995 - Limited Stock - 0800 158 5959

  6. Yey, S Max and Kuga are coming back on stream!! Limited availablity on all but worth an ask, if you're looking!

  7. Oil question

    Hi, you can get Genuine Ford Formula F Oil from for less than £20 Genuine Ford Formula F Oil
  8. Do you work for a firm who registered in the Ford 'Advantage Programme'? If you do you'll get 3 years servicing free!!! On top of the deal!! Call FordOnline to see if you qualify...

  9. have many many competitively priced cars! Check us out! £100 extra off for all FOC Members!!

  10. New Member Here Thinking Of Buying A Fusion

    FordOnline are owned by the UK's largest dealer group, the closest delivery centre we have to you in West Cornwall is Weston Super Mare! We are happy to take extra pictures of the vehicles we have for sale and for a £350 deposit we will take the car to WSM. Because we are, who we are, check out you'll see that we are actually owned by the Ford Motor Company, so we wouldn't risk ruining our reputation by selling rubbish. If you didn't like the car when you saw it in the flesh, then we would give you your deposit back anyway. I know it's sounds like a bit of a bind but you can tell from the pictures of the car I sent in the link, we could save you some money..
  11. New Member Here Thinking Of Buying A Fusion

    Glad to see there are more converts to the Fusion and although I work for my wife picked the Fusion as her prefered mode of transport. We have the Style + 1.4 and I think its more than adequate around town and on the motorway, although it does need winding up a little. If I purchased another one I'd definitely go for the 1.6, especially for overtaking etc, it'd give you me more confidence. We have a fantastic example of the kind of prices you expect to pay for a Fusion 1.6 - check out this link If you want anymore help, call me on 0121 748 8514 - otherwise enjoy the car when you get it!! Lee FordOnline
  12. Best Colour For A Fiesta??

    Drum roll please...............FordOnline take the most orders for White 1st - But only helped by the late surge! Vision 2nd - Clear winner over 3rd Black 3rd Well done if you got it correct!
  13. No problem, remember us next time!! Lee FordOnline
  14. Were selling loads of Fiesta in Frozen White? We reckon they look good in all colours, but that's probably because we shift them!! We've done a tally up and for a bit of fun can anyone guess the top 3??? No prizes on this one I'm afraid. Lee FordOnline
  15. Josh LR59VGT is available, I can't do anything on the price but I can fit a Parrot B/T FOC. The other is sold. Lee FordOnline