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  1. Happy Birthday rob80!

  2. to be honest the cone was the last thing on my mind.seems daft to start taking things out when its the perfect setup anyway.well,it will be once a decent air filter is in.going to go for k and n.(been told that they have a longer life span than normal air filters-is this true??)it is pointless putting a cone in.seems stupid to change it all just for a bit of a noise from the air filter.cheers for advice mate
  3. hi all.need a few thinkin of air filters.was thinkin of strippin all airbox out of focus and going for the cone filter.but if i take out airbox,id be takin the cool air flow out aswell so doing it this way i wont be gettin cool air. just warm air will be goin through.but was thinkin that it would be better to keep airbox where it is because of the cool air flow at the front and getting a k and n filter(which iv been told are really good).has anyone else got cone filters??or k and n filters.or is it possible to somehow get a cone filter and have it inside the airbox.any comments wud be great.cheers
  4. unsure about the rattling noises you gettin.the idle control valve is dead easy.couple of screws and a clip.the throttle body has rubber around the inside but should be fine.
  5. a thick hose will run from your airbox straight to the throttle body.the hose is actually attatched to the throttle body. you will see the jubilee clip at the bottom(opposite side is the airbox)and the idle control valve is the tiny thing next to it on the left as you look at it
  6. its the easiest thing to get too.right at the front of the engine behind the oil dipstick,right next to the throttle body.
  7. alrite evryone.finally got my focus running a lot better than it was.iv checked spark plug connections,cleaned idle control valve and cleaned throttle body.the car is a lot more responsive now(when i put my foot down it just goes instead of farting and splutering for a few seconds)but i need help with something iv come accross.when i rev the car there is like a delay in the revs.say if the car is ticking over and i rev it there is like a hiss before the revs build up.but a mate pointed out to me the other day that he can hear a very faint hiss when the car was just ticking over.does anyone know if this hiss is supposed to be there or have i got leakage somewhere.cheers
  8. haha.i hope not.its all a proper job and im not long as i press my brake and my speed decreases,im a happy man ;)
  9. £130 was for disks,pads,front side light bulb,labour and MOT all in.the MOT was £ not bad really.cant grumble.and its nice seeing the disks shine.well for at least today anyway.haha.cheers
  10. mot been done today.good news though really.just failed on front disks and pads.oh.and a bulb.all done now though and at a bargain price of £130 all in.thats me happy for a while now.the front disks looked fine from the outside but it looked like only half of the pad was catching on the inside.nice
  11. helpful info mate.thanks.gonna av to get it changed soon
  12. cheers probably nip up 2morra as im not at work this weekend(woohoo).would be good to change it and knowing it may cure all my hoping it let you know how i get on,and if the price is right first.cheers
  13. how do i tell what battery it is??been lookin around the site but cant find anythin to go off.all my battery says is MOTORCRAFT SUPERSTART.cheers oh and my dials have been 50-50 today
  14. Oil

    thats true yeah,iv heard about the magnatec oil.think im gonna give the ford oil a go first.but before i do that im gonna av get meself a haynes then i can start tinkering with the car.better to know what things are before i start messin about with em :D
  15. typical.iv just been to fuel up at shell(which is a bit of a drive from where i live)and called at a few places and it never did it once.the dials worked fine and never shot up on ignition.sayin that its probably a one off and will be bk to normal 2morra.strange how its fine all of a sudden.