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  1. Help Lol

    Hi guys and gals, Yesterday my trusty diesel started making a metallic noise from the pulleys on side ov engine.. Today on way home from work there was a loud clunk smell ov burning rubber and found a piece ov what looks like a pulley circular and groves in it... Also my belts are more or less about to come off and frayed badly!!! What could this be guys and can it cause damage to my engine???? It's a 2.0 tdci 130. Cheers all advice much apreciated
  2. ive checked the pipes and def cant see any splits but i noticed inside the pipes was wet with oil!!not sure as the whoosh is still there also n e more suggestions or shall i give in and pay ford lol
  3. lights on now lol but cars still driving well i didnt take off the inter pipe as couldnt get to it im gonna service the car this week so will pull the plastic panel off bottom engine and pull that off to when im doin the oil
  4. im supprised to.... still no light on.. and still performing really well not sure how or why lol will it cause any damage to engine by having it unplugged?
  5. my mate had same prob with his 51 mondeo front coil went 2 weeks after mot by (fords) he went back played hell amd they replaced all 4 corners no questions asked
  6. Puma 1.7 Whirring And Gearbox Noise

    hi m8, no cars neva thrashed wifes wheels.. 30mph everywhere lol took it out today sounding worse tha eva goin to garage tomorrow i think the nails sound is the clutch as i neva changed it when replaced gearbox and cars done 81k so prob time for a change...
  7. hi guys thanks for all your assistance wiv this seem to have it running really well no smoke really good pull through the gears... intercooler pipe looks ok..... only thing is i have a woosh when the turbo kicks in(which has always been there).. i did try somthing i unpluged the egr valve no warning lights came up but the car performs supurb!!! and no smoke any feedback on this would be greatful
  8. will have a look tomorrow got it all sorted and took it for a spin i noticed a massive improvement it is a bit grumpy as stated but still black smoke under serious right foot not as bad but still noticeable so the pipe next lol if nothing wron with pipe whats the next issue to check lol thanks for all ur help by the way
  9. pulled the EGR and inlet of today was quite caked... all clean and bck on only prob i sheered the bolt that connects the EGR to the inlet my m8s got a bolt remover so trip to fords for replacement bolt whoops!!!! what pipe do i need to check is it the black one that connect to the bottom of the egr.. and dissapears into the bowels of the engine wand what i looking for i had a feel couldn find any tears etc?????
  10. hi guys.. my 1.7 puma has had this whirring noise for ages now also every time i put the clutch in it sounds like a bag of nails the noise doesnt appear when i not movin ie.. if im changing gear or comin off the m/way changing down the bag of nails appear the whirring noise is mainly at about 70-80mph on motorway... ive replaced the gearbox once... any suggestions cars done 80k
  11. hi guys im looking for advice my 06 plate tdci 130 euro 4... when giving the beans im fillin the motor way with black smoke car has done 61k im only getting around 30mpg too.. also ive noticed recently the engine sounds very clattery esp when i pulling of under low revs .... any suggestions im off for a week and not afraid to get my hands dirty cheers....... parky