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  1. Hi, I dont know if anyone can help, but my beloved R reg Escort estate seems to keep rev'ing when I stop. This is mainly noticable when the car is started up from being cold. Its as if I am reving the car, but my clutch and brake are only being pressed. The pointer moves up and down below 1 on the counter. It's like the vehicle is losing power. I can also hear the engine making rev'ing noices as well. Other than that she runs like a trooper. Thanks
  2. Help! I had to drive through a small flood on Friday on the way home, which was unavoidable. I havent used my car since, but I have just gone out to do some shopping and my car will not move. The engine starts, but the handbrake seams stiff and the wheels wont budge. What can I do?. I have a R reg Ford Escort estate. The car is parked in the street with another car closely parked at the front so I cannot get to have a closer look underneith. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks