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  1. Hello, I'm looking for advise/experience with making the front screen heated. I've got a 2004 Focus c-max Ghia, but it seems the first owner ordered it without the heated front window (no button on dash and new 'wires' in the screen). Any idea what I need to do to make the front screen heated? Ofcourse placing a new fromt screen, but probalby also the swithc and relay, but waht more and what will it cost. Kind regards, Casa
  2. Hi, Can anyone help me how I can play MP3 files on USB stick in my 2004 Ford Focus C-max with built in 6000CD (by Visteon) with CDDJ button and free 12-pins cd changer connection. I've contacted Xcarlink already, but do don't have anything for this type radio. Anyone has got an idea / experience? If you need more info or photos, please let me know. Kind regards, Casa
  3. How can I connect an MP3 USB to my 6000CD CDDJ???