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  1. Thanks guys, like you say there might be a trick to it - like a locksmith can hit a lock in the right place with a centre punch and all that.. I will let you know! Cheers Tom
  2. Update: I went to my local garage last night to see if they had any bright ideas, but alas after trying everything i have they were left as puzzeled as me! Surely i dont have to smash the lock to pieces, cut the door off or lever it open if i ever want to solve this issue - if so Mr Ford thats pants!!?? Cheers Tom
  3. Hi guys and girls - please be gentle its my first post! Our 99' focus refuses to allow you to open the OSR door from either inside or out. I took the door card off to see if i could identify the problem, but alas i've found nothing suspicious, other than the button to lock the car from within isn't 'right' - it does not click from lock to unlock or visa versa as it should, so clearly has something to do with the problem. I can peer through and see the arms of the lock mechanisim clearly moving, so its nothing as simple of the cable snapped, or handles broken etc - i fear its in the lock itself where the problem lies. So, my question is, where do i go from here, i can't access the screws to remove the lock body with the door closed..?? :( Your help on this one would be much appreciated! Cheers Tom