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    Hi, wondering if anyone can help. I have a 98, 1.3 Ford Fiesta. 51,000 miles. Recently just passed its MOT, been informed that it is in really good condition. However, when I press down my clutch pedal - at the very top, it makes a clink and when i return the pedal and it is almost fully returned it makes another clink. This happens quite frequently now, especially when releasing the clutch slowly. Furthermore, sometimes there is a deep clunk at the lower end of the clutch pedal, particularly when I clutch quickly. This is not as predictable as the previous noise. But often sounds as if it is coming from the engine. They are the most worrying as I fear that there maybe a serious problem. Additionally, when I go over bumps or brake heavily, there are loud thumps in the car. This may be (hoping) due to the age of the car. Please help if you can, Thankyou