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  1. I Have a ST200 Year 2000. At present I have major problems with electrics. First 3 garages have told me that the dianostic plug is not working. I have the handbrake warning light on constant. Brake level is full and handbrake switch ok. When you apply handbrake the warning light glows brighter. Some one has said it could be the float stuck in the bottom of the master cylinder. Disconnected wire from master cylinder stills stays on. Also ABS and traction control not working. Warning light on dash comes on when you replace bulb but blows the bulb after about 30 mins, slowly gets dimmer and dimmer.Could this be the the box of electronic tricks on the back of ABS unit. With out the dianostic plug working I am at a loss. I have removed dash and traced wires but none and broken or chaff through and all fuses have been replaced. Can anybody point me in the right direction with out paying for an Auto electrian. Thanks
  2. Traction Control Light

    Thanks for that I will check it out tomorrow. The manual states that these sensors are under a kick panel on the inner sill is that correct. I am taking the information from a haynes manual.
  3. Traction Control Light

    I have a 2.0ltr focus Year 2000 with traction control and ESP.The traction control light is intermitant.I have had it on a Diagnostic machine and the fault codes are C1281 Lateral Accelerometer Cicuit Failure and C1282 Lateral Accelerometer signal fault. The faults where cleared and the light stopped off for about 5 days. Now it comes on and off now and then. Can anybody point me in the right direction to what maybe the cause and the part to replace.