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  1. The double horn arrived today, and works like a charm! Thanks very much for your help!
  2. Latest update: Bought Ring's "fits all makes and models" generic one from Halfords... and it very much does not fit all makes and models. Not without buying additional connectors, or rewiring it. Will be taking that back for a refund on the basis of false advertising. So, here's the connector (which matches up to the one in the Haynes manual, shown in there connected to a single horn): Will that connector also fit the double horn that you linked me to earlier?
  3. Have managed to get underneath the car without a jack (just!), and I only have one horn, although I suspect it's a post-market one. I'm just going to get Ring's most cheap, nasty and generic one, as that looks like it fits all models, and then I can upgrade at a later date if I feel it's a bit weak. Like I say, the standard of driving where I live (South-Central Manchester) is so poor that I have had to use my horn three or four times in the 1.5-mile drive in to work. And that's not angry horn use, but genuine emergency horn use! So I'd rather just get anything in there for now. Thanks for the help though, I'll hopefully upgrade to the double horn in future!
  4. So does the dual horn have a single connector to the circuit (with the two horns then connected to each other), or twin connectors? If its the latter, then what I have should work. If not then yeah, I'll need to go with something else. I'd prefer to get the job done quickly than wait for stuff from eBay, given the standard of driving in my area!
  5. I've had a search through old threads, and couldn't find a specific answer. I set off driving today and realised my horn wasn't working. I've checked the fuse, which is fine, and there's a clicking noise when I push the wheel in, which says to me that the circuit's working alright. Now, I don't have a jack or axle stands, so can't get under the car to see what's there currently, and the Haynes manual says that "most models" have two horns. I've bought these horns as a replacement, but obviously if there's only one horn there I'll probably need additional connectors to make these work (or I'll have to take these back and swap them for a single horn). So, before I get the chance to get under the car on Monday and take a look, can anyone tell me if my car is likely to have one or two horns? It's a 2005-registered Mk 1, 1.6 petrol LX.
  6. Cheers, I was using those links just for illustrative purposes, so I would've shopped around a bit first. Never gonna pay manufacturer prices ;)
  7. Ah right. Seems like I should be able to do these jobs, now just have to weigh up the money side of it.
  8. So the handbrake only comes off by tearing it to bits? Not sure if I trust myself doing that... I can see me tearing the old one off, then the new one not staying on at all, and me being up a certain creek without a paddle.
  9. Hi all. I've just got a Mk1 Focus (post-facelift), and am thinking about making a few vaguely tasteful modifications to the interior, in particular the gear knob and gaiter, and the handbrake handle and gaiter. I'm looking at the following bits of kit, mainly: Now, when it comes to anything practical, I'm not hugely skilled. I can put together flat-pack furniture, but nothing more complex than that really. I'm just wondering how complex these things would be to fit. I'm certainly unsure of how the gaiters would fit (or, more specifically, how to remove the old ones), and wouldn't want to bugger up how the handbrake works when putting the handle on. Any help/advice anyone could give would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Hi, stumbled across this place while looking for some tips and such like. I've just become the very proud owner of a black 2005 Focus 1.6 LX (5-door), having spent the last 5 years driving a 1997, yellow-gold, base-model, 1.2-litre Fiat Punto... Needless to say, I'm rather pleased to have joined the world of power steering, ABS, airbags, rev counters, aircon, remote central locking... I could go on, really. So, hello.