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  1. Mountune Performance Upgrade - Fiesta

    That's it then, I will be booking it in on mon. On a diffrent note? How do you get the pic on the side of you post? Marv
  2. Why do I have to work

  3. Mountune Performance Upgrade - Fiesta

    Well if it's a bit less noisy then I will go and get it done. It's just I do a lot of motor way driving with the kids in the back and it bad enough with them winging in the back let alone my pipes lol have u had any probs with power loss?
  4. Mountune Performance Upgrade - Fiesta

    Hi. I asked that quetion two weeks ago as Ive heard about power loss on some cars fitted with it. I am waiting to get some feed back before I go ahead. I have also heard that its quite noisy and drones on motorways. Marv
  5. Zetec S Alloys Ruined

    Hi. Had my Titanum services last week (first) and have been told my front wheels are dented at the back of the wheels. I have a slight pull to the left. I know of one hole ive been down but it was only one wheel? I was thinking about going for a new set of Non-ford ones. Marv
  6. Monutone

    Hi Guys and girls Im thinking of having the upgrade on my fiesta and saw that some of you are having power loss? is this still a problem or have they sorted it. Thanks New Boy