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  1. hello mate, reading about your tunning box that you have plugged in? hoping you can advice me?

    you said some light was on how did you sort that out?

    also have you noticed a difference in performance/economey etc....i have a 2010 1.6dtdci which intend to keep for at least 7 years, so keeping it economial as possible is important. i know i can get details of Ben on how to install ...

  2. mate, trust me, after you install it you won't say this again ;)
  3. Problem sorted, everything works fine. Anyone needing a help when plugging the box, let me know, I give some guides to save you some hours of fitting.
  4. Disgusting, they dont match the the front and rear spoiler at all
  5. I suggest to read this:
  6. so I went with car to diagnostics to confirm the lamp is caused by a emission problem. But is not. It is error P0098 - Intake Air Temperature Sensor 2 Circuit High. I have already sent this to the TDI Tuning, let's see what is their response. I won't leave like this. Will keep you updated. Btw, so far I happy with the tuning box result, I can see the power increase, better fuel efficiency, but obviously nobody wants to be driving car with error lamp on
  7. thats a funnel if you tanked gas for instance from a canister. In unlock the ford's easy-fuel tank cap or how they call it...
  8. dude, you don't have transparent hood do you? why bothering with colour of hose? It's not like you lift up the hood every time you park your car, is it? ;)
  9. Is there any evidence for a go for ST?
  10. Yeah, it looks more sporty in this colour. If someone could photoshop the stripe colour of vision
  11. So I played with pic editor for a little bit and I am proud to present 3 new colours that I think suit Fiesta mk7 very well :P Orange: Mazda green: Yellow: Vision:
  12. anyone good with photoshop? :)
  13. I don't want be a copycat, but looking on photos from the last meet, I totally like the side stickers on one car. I suppose those who have seen the photos already know what I'm talking about :) It's this one: Any suggestions where to buy it?
  14. get this one then:
  15. so save some money I have ordered it from US&A, so it will take a while, hopefully sometimes this week :)