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  1. How Winter Prepared Are You?

    I have a packet of !Removed! and a spare lighter :)
  2. Little Things About Dealers That Annoy You

    marcr1 how do you find the fuel consumption on your s1600?
  3. Little Things About Dealers That Annoy You

    i go along with marcr1 i prefer the s1600 as it seems to stick out a bit, and i like the stripes
  4. Ambient Lighting In Dashboard

    oh well looks like ill have to connect them to the light switch then, thanks anyway.
  5. Few Ebay Listing I Have Come Across

    Just fitted a pair of painted mist type jets to my Fiesta 1.6s took about 10 minutes to fit, the hardest part of the job was removing the clips that hold the bonnet insulation pad on!! :)
  6. Messed Around By Dealer...

    As above !
  7. Ambient Lighting In Dashboard

    c'mon inath share the info
  8. Ambient Lighting In Dashboard

    so will you be sharing this info then?
  9. Ambient Lighting In Dashboard

    it turns out that the lights can not be turned on the lights even though the wiring is in place :(
  10. Fiesta 1.4 Zetec Or 1.6 Zetec S?

    More than happy with 1600s i thought the suspension maybe a bit to firm for me (as im getting on a bit) however no problems at all (previous car Focus 2.0tdci Titanium) 1600s all round nice car.
  11. I'm Leaving :(

    Funny that i own a Fiesta 1600s, but i work at a Mercedes Benz dealer and have a company car, however i still prefer my Fiesta
  12. I thougt it was a tounge.....
  13. Ambient Lighting In Dashboard

    Just had a word with a guy i know at a Ford dealership, when ive got them fitted he will have a go at programing them. i'll let you know (hopefully) next week how i get on
  14. Ambient Lighting In Dashboard

    so in simply terms plug um in and get a Ford dealer to actavate them, and then they might work