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  1. Fiesta Mk6 Empty Light?

    Ah thanks for clearing that up mate, and yeah Gaz, very similar to a mobile phone in that respect. Looks like the facelift model is quite abit better, I thought the differences were just cosmetic, nevermind :) cheers
  2. Fiesta Mk6 Empty Light?

    Strange... I now have 1 tiny black bar left on the fuel gauge What I'm trying to find out is, once this tiny bar runs out does the tank then go into the amber/empty mode?? Or will it just conk out I am yet to see any other colour on the fuel gauge but black bars.. I haven't seen any warning lights or anything but.. I'm driving the Zetec model
  3. Fiesta Mk6 Empty Light?

    Hi there. I have a MK6 Fiesta and I've never gone below the final 2 bars on the petrol gauge before I fill it up. I was just wondering if I was to go past the final 2 bars would an empty light kick in or not? Thanks in advance
  4. Mk6 Fiesta - Poor Mpg

    Hello everyone. I bought a Ford Fiesta MK6 recently (55 Plate) with 30 thousand miles on it. I haven't yet completely filled the tank, but I've put £20 in it several times. I'm getting roughly 130 miles out of £20, which is 17/18 litres at £1.17 which equates to roughly 34 MPG. I think this is pretty poor in all honesty and I'm starting to wonder if there's something wrong with it. However, it drives great and it was recently serviced. I don't drive it particularly fast but most of my driving is round town.. stopping/starting alot etc. What do you think guys? Thanks! Ben