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  1. Hi Stoney, I had a quick look today and notice quite a few drips of water coming out of the trim that runs across the top/inside the boot. I wonder if water can seep through the rear spoiler/ 3rd brake light housing, anyway it will have to wait till after New year before I can to the garage for them to have a proper look. I will keep you posted and all the seasonal best Ian
  2. Hi All, this is a puzzle.I have a55 plate Focus TDCI 5 door. The lock on the tailgate unlocks when I press the foot brake, only when the vehicle is stationary, when the car is moving and I brake nothing happens. Anyone any ideas??
  3. New Radio

    Hi All, I was wondering if anyone could reccomend a radio/Cd/Mp3 player for my 55 plate Focus. At the moment it has the standard 6000CD model fitted but I would like one that will play an MP3 Thanks