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  1. Knocking from the back

    Hiya, im new to this forum so sorry if i have posted this in the wrong section or whatnot... Anyway, i have a Focus 1.8 16v lx, think its a 2000 (w) reg. It is currently driving me loopy, there seem to be 2 things which are bugging me. 1: Whenever my car goes over 60mph it shakes erratically, i feel like im on a plane with bad turbulence!. I had the car serviced in January and since it came back its had nothing but problems. I thought maybe it was the tracking and balancing but have since had them checked out so what could it be? 2: My car has just decided to make a clunking noise coming from the rear, only seems to be when i break, im guessing i need to check the brakes at the back? Thanks for your help in advance, im not very good with my focus unfortunately :-)