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  1. just changed slave cyliner now wont go into gear

    Hi, just spent hour and half doing it the old fashioned way. Loads of air coming out, but pedal is resistant now, & goes into every gear sweet as a nut. Cheers!
  2. just changed slave cyliner now wont go into gear

    I bled it by pumping up the pedal, holding it down, then my mate undone the nipple, let the fluid/air out then done it up again. Repeated this bout 100 times! Was ok but I think there must still be air trapped. I was told today by a very well trusted mechanic, to just undo the nipple, keep the reservoir topped up, & let it gravity bleed. Wot do you reckon? I'm going to look at it tomorrow nite after work.
  3. I've just changed the slave cylinder on a 1.4 51 reg on Saturday afternoon, as it was pouring out fluid. While the box was off I noticed the clutch was quite new, & not worn, so didn't change it. Put it all back together, bled it & road tested it. All fine. Now tonight got in it & it wouldn't go into reverse. Now cant get it in any gear. Do you think I just need to bleed it a bit more, or could it be the selector cables need adjusting? If so, how do I adjust them? I did actually notice before the slave cylinder went, that the gear lever was quite loose, even when in gear.
  4. Clutch pedal sunk to floor

    Changed the slave cylinder today, piece of cake. Spent longer bleeding it, than I did on the job. Drives like a dream now.
  5. Clutch pedal sunk to floor

    I sent you my e-mail adress, did you get it. I cant get it out of gear, no. Maybe have to crawl underneath & move the selector. Or fill up reservoir, & pump pedal whilst wiggling gear stick.
  6. Clutch pedal sunk to floor

    Ye please do thanks. Going to do it saturday. Have to tow it bout 1/2 mile to work, but its stuck in first gear!
  7. Clutch pedal sunk to floor

    Just filled the reservoir up with fluid & pumped the pedal. Its pouring out where the box bolts to the engine. Sleve cylinder then innit. Wot are these like to do, I aint done one on a focus yet?
  8. Clutch pedal sunk to floor

    Just asked her, she said there was a puddle of fluid under the car on the road
  9. Clutch pedal sunk to floor

    I'll ask her and find out, as I haven't looked at it yet. If it was the slave cylinder, though, you wouldn't notice any fluid under the car would you?
  10. Clutch pedal sunk to floor

    Hi my cousins 51 plate focus has lost all use of the clutch. She said when she was driving, the pedal sunk straight to the floor, now has no use of the clutch at all. She said there was also a puddle of fluid under the car. Anyone any ideas?
  11. whenever i brake above 40 mph,the brake pedal really pumpsand the o/s/f caliper pumps like mad. help.