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  1. Focus 2.0 tdci titanium

    Its the 6 speed one I'm looking for. they look pretty sweet. Any suggestions on where is the best place to source one of these in the UK?
  2. Focus 2.0 tdci titanium

    Hi All. Any one on the forum with a present model focus 2.0 tdci titanium. I'm looking to buy and and would like any info. How good are they? I know they are 136 bhp but do they feel quick. Any problems to look out for when I'm buying. Any info welcome
  3. Hi all. I am new to this site so would like to introduce myself as Darren from Cork Ireland. I'm looking forward to getting to know all of ye. I wish to buy a 03/04 tdci focus sport in the next month or two. I would appreciate any info on the car, eg good points, problems owners have with them and anything else I might need to know before buying one. Its very hard to get any info on them. Any suggestions or comments welcome.