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  1. Engine Noise After Shutdown

    Thanks for the help. I do not beleive the issue is related to the fans as the fans are always very quiet. The noise only last for a maximum of 5 seconds and you can hear very obvious steps in the tone and volume.
  2. Engine Noise After Shutdown

    Hello, I need some help in trying to solve an strange noise that comes from my engine after i have turned the car off. I have a 2005 1.6 Tdci Focus which is in good condition and is a gem apart from two little things. Firstly is a known problem with the boot lock opening itself, which my local ford dealer has tried fixing 3 times without success. The other is a strange noise that comes from the engine after the engine has warmed up. After turning the car off getting out, locking it up and walking away the car will make a whirring noise. I have been advised that it is a release valve on the engine which lets out fume/gas build up to ensure a clean engine when you next start up, which is the issue. It is supposed to open and release the build but it appear mine is not opening properly. My questions are a - Does this sound correct? b - What is the valve called? c - Is it something i need to look into replacing ASAP? It is embarrassing when you go to a car park and as you walk away your car blows a raspberry at you!! Any help will be greatly received