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  1. I was due to have a K&N induction kit fitted and a remap to my 05 Focus 2.0tdci Zetec Climate yesterday. Unfortunately the K&N didn't arrive in time but I'd paid a deposit for the remap so I took it in. I'm well happy with the gains acheived. Anyway the K&N arrived this morning and now a question has arose. Will fitting the k & N now affect my remap as its being programmed to certain settings or should I still expect the standardish 4-5 bhp power gains? Any advice appreciated. Cheers Neil
  2. I had the Revo Remap on ine yesterday. The torque isn't much different from a standing start as the 2.0 tdci is punchy off the mark anyway but the pull in $th, 5th and even 6th is amazing. I'm having it rolling roaded next week and I'll post the results. Happy motoring as you have one lovely motor there. Neil
  3. Could be the Mass Air Flow sensor. The best way to find out is get a laptop diagnostic. Neil
  4. Lovely car mate, immaculately kept. I have the 2.0 tdci Zetec Climate and what an engine it has. I had a golf tdi 130bhp which I thought could move til I bought the Focus.
  5. Hi, I think you are thinking of a heat reflecting screen and not the heated screen on the Zetec Climate. I used to own a Golf with a heat reflective screen meaning I had to buy a anttena for my Tomtom to work. Since I bought the Zetec Climate (Much better than the above) I dont have any problems. Hope this helps. Neil