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  1. I got my Exhaust from Miltek Sports didn't need to cut anything and they had a choice of tails aswel i got a single 3" Stainless Steel from the cat back
  2. Just fitted a set of 6x8's went straight in no problem Only thing is there not that bassy i think i may of wired them wrong does anyone know which wire is which there is a Grey & White wire Will upload pics if i need to swap the wires around
  3. 6X8's fit so i'm told just got a set of Kicker DS680 gonna put them in when i get home from work
  4. I've read on another forum that they are 5 x 7 to fit 6 x 9's in you have to cut the door Is this true?
  5. Anyone know what size the door speakers are for a 05 Zetec 3 Door also how to get the door panel off Cheers
  6. Sorry prob should of been a bit more specific I ment the wiring of it to the back of the stereo
  7. I have one it does my head in i'd rather do it the other way
  8. Hi I have priced the Ipod conection for my 05 Fiesta its €15 I'm just looking for some advice before i get it. Does anyone know if they are hard to fit as the guy in the garage didn't really want to tell me (think he was just trying to get me to bring it in to them), I know i'll have to strip half the dash down to get to the back of the CD Player I have the 4500 CD Player if that helps Thanks