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  1. Yes I know about the silicon grease.....that isn't the issue! I think the fact the cap is new the 'locking' mechanism of the cap has nice new square corners to it and I think it needs to be rounded slightly or put on and off a few times to bed the mechanism in.
  2. Got my new cap today (genuine Ford) fits perfectly right up until you get to the small 'stop' at the bottom left of the cap as seen in the photo. It was a little tight to get it fully home but trying to turn it back to unloosen I had to wrap a cloth over it to get it started then it came back out easily!
  3. Maguires tyre gel works a treat :)
  5. There was a 1.6 focus Sport 2008 (same year/colour as my titanium) in the neighbours driveway unwashed and the colour difference was amazing. Mind you it did look like he used it to transport concrete/plasterboard!
  6. Yep that's exactly what's happening, you need to give it a second or two after putting the clutch in then slip it into reverse and it should go in ok.
  7. There's no synchromesh on reverse gear so you have to ensure your fully stopped, give it a second then slip it into reverse and it should go in ok.
  8. Autobrite Direct Carbanuba. It's a liquid wax with carnauba in it and smells of banana hence carbanuba. You just put a small amount on, rub it in, let it bond for 15 minutes then it wipes off easily! From the link below or even from Amazon.
  9. Try going to click on the 'vehicle' tab and input your reg number. It will list everything your car left the factory with so Bluetooth should show in the list if it has it.
  10. Turn the unit on, switch on Bluetooth on your phone and see if 'Ford audio' appears, if so click on it in the list and it should connect. Once connected, pressing the 'phone button' should bring up your phone. The green/red phone buttons are for dialling/answering - cancelling a phone call so your unit will mute when pressed.
  11. Anyone else been doing the ritualistic scrub up with the sun being out? Powerwashed/dried, Autobrite Direct 'Brilliance', Autobrite 'Crystal' glass cleaner, Maguires tyre gel then 2 hours later one coat of 'Carbanuba' .. shiny shiny but not for long looking at the weather report :(
  12. Had you read the posts above, it has already been stated to use silicon grease on the 'O' ring of the new cap.
  13. As Ian says use 2 part epoxy. Araldite rapid works a treat and sets quickly. I used it on my rear boot lid handle/trim to fix the clips last year and it's still going strong! :) Hold the bits together with tape whilst the epoxy is setting to stop and movement and you should be ok.
  14. Just bought one from Amazon as mine was tight the last time I checked.....
  15. I think there's been a few posts in the forum about it previously.