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  1. Done mine & pushed the pistons back with my fingers & all ok. It 'could' happen but in reality probably won't. They have to cover themselves
  2. The fact you said 'whole unit' sounds to me like the actual hand brake mechanism itself might also have broken somehow so £250 might be about right, ask exactly what needs replacing! (Once had a handbrake physically shear off its bracket on a car I had but managed to get it rewelded together at work)
  3. Could be track rod ends on the lower arms gone
  4. Programmer/setter/operator in one of Scotlands largest production machine shops
  5. Don't forget, lack of sound deadening will also play a part. It'll depend what model you have as to the extent of how much (or little) deadening you will have, as will the lack of underbonnet deadening (if you don't have any). An easy check is to drive down a road with different surfaces on it if you can. Where I live there is a dual carriageway with a slightly different surface which has been used when you cross a bridge, our car goes from being noisy to dead quiet back to noisy as we pass over it!
  6. In a nutshell yes!
  7. At 65 mph it will rev around 3000 rpm, its only a 1.4, even my 1.6 focus revs around 3200 at 70 mph.
  8. Bad or loose connection maybe?
  9. Ignoramuses that take equipment from your bench in work without telling you they've taken it!
  10. When you next fill the tank you put the designated amount of redex in. (Depends on what size of bottle or pack you get)
  11. It's their way of obtaining an extra couple of pounds from you. Just buy a 4 bottle pack of redex from your local Halfords for £10 and put a bottle in when you next fill up with a full tank of fuel.
  12. Got a Mio 518 here.
  13. It's an hour fast due to the fact the clocks went back last week and they haven't been changed. + what aintt said.
  14. The mirrors are heated whilst the rear heated element is on.
  15. The insurers were actually wanting access to people's accounts Tom, hence Facebook blocking it. ( access as in passwords/usernames )