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  1. No idea but it's sure got me puzzled.
  2. Yep mine were for a focus but fiesta ones are similar, just the nut and the locating 'taper' for the fiesta are solid. (The focus has a separate tapered washer that is located around the bottom of the nut)
  3. Same ones I bought off eBay. They're zinc plated so will last a while but eventually I'm expecting them to discolour due to the roadsalt. Once and if mine do I'm just going to give them a light coat of spray paint if I can be bothered. They fit good and are better than the originals in my opinion. I also bought an 'alloy wheelnut socket' with a plastic sleeve around the outside so you don't damage the alloy wheel when fitting them.
  4. Used ElmConfig today to see if any errors were thrown up after someone told us all 4 of our focus mk2 facelift indicators were flashing (like the alarm had gone of yet no one had heard it going off). Nothing showing up in ElmConfig except an old code relating to the auto wipers which i havent reset but i was wondering if anyone knows what BBS tamper relates to?
  5. You'll possibly find that someone at some point has changed a lightbulb and put the grill back incorrectly! You'll need to remove it and position it correctly ... if it bothers you that much. (To change a bulb you need to remove the headlight and to do that, the grill needs also to be removed!)
  6. I just replaced my original Ford disks/pads for Brembo disks & pads from ECP last year, others on the forum use Pagid amongst some other brands. Some 'cheaper' disk/pads have been known to have brake fade, wear out quicker or squeal when in use.
  7. Another forum quotes that vetch GSF disks/pads 'can be hit or miss'. Personally, as disks/pads are all that stops the car from speed I'd use a 'good quality' part! (You can't put a cost on a life)
  8. Unprofessional as you may think but in reality it's down to insurance And time allowed to do the job!
  9. Yep Dom it was the fiat AC. When I bought the fiesta the young salesman (and I mean young!) opened the car up, said 'do what you need to do and I'll be back in 15/20 minutes' no hastle, pushyness etc and when I asked for a test drive, moved about 6 cars to get the fiesta out for me!
  10. Nothing to worry about, they're steel and exposed to road salt, air & water so will rust. If it bothers you that much you can take the wheels off and paint them. Personally if I was bothered i would possibly remove the wheels, spray brake cleaner on them and scrub the surface rust off with a wire brush.
  11. You'll get various answers to this one Dom. I got my focus from Arnold 2 years ago (not far from the Chinese restaurant...) , bought 2 years free service/mot. (Nothing required at either and they washed/waxed the car before I got it back) this year though I'll get it done elsewhere closer to where I live. You should be ok but just make sure when you book the service/mot that they use the correct grade of oil for your car. I bought my fiesta mk6 and the focus from different branches (Falkirk/Whitburn) and haven't had any problems with either of them, they even fixed a split 'breather pipe' for me cheap even though it took over 2 hours of clearing oil away and searching to find it !
  12. Seriously weakened! They don't look that bad unless the rear of the disk was worse. The minimum thickness should be 22mm if I remember correctly. (When I changed mine last year mine were in a worse state!)
  13. You use more fuel during the winter months, even mine has dropped from 38mpg to 34mpg.
  14. There are 'Scotwheels' who will come and refurb your wheels at your address. They're in Perth (they're also on Facebook) and here's another one in Alloa
  15. If the noise occurs just after setting off (at 12mph) it will be the ABS self test, if as you say it happens when you first brake and at speed then it 'could' be the pads move/settle in the calipers.