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  1. Pipe Leaking In Engine Bay?

    Was the pipe against the bulkhead? If so it could be the drain pipe from under the scuttle (as you thought), you ‘may’ find the pipe is full of debris causing water to collect and drain out only under certain conditions. (Had it once and unblocked the pipe/hose with a long wire rod)
  2. Engine System Failure.

    Could also try a quick clean and light lube of the throttle body as it isn’t a hard job (only need to disconnect the pipe from it to gain access) and only takes minutes but as TomsFocus says get an ELM onto it for any codes.
  3. Due to ‘ongoing’ problems with the ‘ecobooms’ Losing their water, like iantt says, I doubt you’ll have any problem.
  4. Fiesta Ecoboost 1L Engine Problem?

    Quote: “he did say from their limited experience with Ecoboost engines they were a little thirstier oil wise than other Ford engines.” I’d say filling up from min to max more than once in a year is more than ‘a little’ thirsty!
  5. Where is it?

    Look underneath the car at the front of the engine. 👍
  6. Speedometer Colour

    Not sure how hard it would be as a DIY project but this place can do them .... (I would assume it’s just changing the LEDs but would you chance damaging the board doing it yourself?)
  7. fuming ...

    Traction control is the ‘light with a car with skid lines’
  8. Brake squeak (brake pedal)

    Return spring on the pedal rubbing against the location it’s hooked onto? You could try a little (and I mean a little) grease where it rubs in the hole. Used to happen on my mk6 Fiesta & it irritated like crazy!
  9. Help! Overflow Hose Failure.

    He’s logged onto the Fb page now, hopefully he goes straight to Ford!
  10. The owner of that page, Louise O’Riordan has since managed to get AutoExpress to run an article about the problem using ecoboost owners information (reg/mileage/photos etc) which is due to run in November’s Issue I think. The Facebook list of damaged cars is growing daily!
  11. Dodgy remap?

    Just what may appear a ‘daft’ question but mapped to ?
  12. Help! Overflow Hose Failure.

    If I were you I’d be getting in touch with Ford and not letting your local garage touch it. As I said, that Facebook page explains everything. Your local garage may replace the part but there’s no guarantee you haven’t already damaged the engine.
  13. Help! Overflow Hose Failure.

    Yep that’s the part that has been updated. Have a look on Facebook and search for the group Ford Focus Ecoboost 1.0L Turbo Zetec Faulty Coolant Pipe Head Gasket Ask to join the group and when you do have a look at the pinned post as it will explain exactly how you go about getting Ford to pay for a new engine ‘if’ your engine has cooked itself. You ‘might be lucky’ but from reading the Facebook posts a few have had a similar situation only to find later that the head gasket has also ‘went’!
  14. Anyone know where this has come from?

    Wouldn’t be an old cover bolt from a previous owner of the car going to do the belt and giving up after snapping the head off it? (Never seen a belt being done so no idea what the cover bolts look like ...... but I will tomorrow!)