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  1. 'If' you have a bolt to hand measure across the diameter using a tape measure, they'll be a standard size of something like M6/M8/M10 .... from looking at another forum I think they could be M8 (not having a fiesta mk7 st I can't be 100% sure) It isn't an ideal method but in the absence of a micrometer or vernier caliper it'll do.
  2. Non finalised disks just take a little longer to be recognised. I'd be checking the MP3 settings (bit rate etc) on the files he's trying to burn as I've found I've had to redo a few of mine that wouldn't play.
  3. I explained the fix in my original post (I used to dry the recess and sprayed WD40 over it) and yes it ONLY happened on one side!
  4. Open your bonnet, let water run down the drivers side of your windscreen and watch where it goes! I had a mk6 fiesta for 8 years and my son had a mk6 facelift, both did the same as yours!
  5. Comes down from the windscreen onto the scuttle and drips onto the top of the strut, just dry it with tissues and spray with oil periodically or put a light smear of grease on the strut thread/nut and check for water every now & then. If your really parnickety I suppose you could make a bung from silicon sealant, smear a little grease over the cup/strut thread/nut, cover the strut thread/nut in polythene, and cover it in the silicon, once it sets remove the 'bung' & polythene and replace the 'bung in the hole. Problem solved.
  6. Could be the exhaust heat shield corroded (as Luke says) it's thin aluminium sitting on steel pins so corrodes away. It can be fixed by either cutting a large washer from a Coke can and buying the fixings from Ford (or eBay) or you can even 'stitch' the shields together using copper wire to hold them together.
  7. 1.4 is more than adequate for motorway driving, I had a fiesta mk6 for 8 years and frequently drove down the M6 to the lakes/Yorkshire and that was it packed to the gunnels!
  8. 2007 is a mk6 facelift with the Frog eyed lights.....(son had one)
  9. With regards to "ugh - start/stop" you CAN turn it off, the main thing is, it isn't a Vauxhall !
  10. One of the many YouTube videos ->
  11. What exactly are you talking about? You said the engine fan, now your saying the air keeps running? Is it the fan at the radiator or are you talking about the blower inside the car?
  12. Did you have the air con on? (If you have air con) also have you checked the pressure cap on the water bottle is holding the pressure. The system is a pressurised system and if the cap is letting pressure out it might be allowing the system to get too hot, bringing the fan on. (I had similar on a trip up the A9 and found I'd forgotten to tighten the cap up!)
  13. Have a look here ->
  14. Dust on the pads/disks. Try spraying them with brake cleaner and see if it helps. Also, do you know if your friend wire brushed all the dust off the carrier/caliper and used copper grease when he refitted the new disks/pads?