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  1. The 'springy' noise will be just that, the return spring on the clutch peddle, nothing to worry about, where it is connected rubs metal on metal hence the noise! The clear liquid from the backbox is ok too, it will be condensation/water from the exhaust when cold. When I had my mk6 fiesta it did the same and on taking it back to the garage asking what the liquid dripping out the rear silencer was I was told it's any collected condensation dripping out. Look at some cars in the morning and you will often see water literally pouring out the exhaust pipe!
  2. Nope you can't stop the noise!
  3. All manufacturers use them, not just Ford! It's caused because the 'shield' is aluminium and the nuts are pressed steel so being under the car, road salt, chemical reaction (yadda yadda) causes them to corrode. Some people just cut washers out of an aluminium Coke can and buy new nuts to refit them but as others have already stated they can be safely removed and left off! Take the car to a garage and chances are they'll just rip the part off and ditch it like my local garage did on my fiesta mk6 when I had this happen.
  4. Yes you can use a jubilee clip or even a cable tie to reclamp the hose to the throttle body. Did it on a friends mk6 fiesta after cleaning the throttlebody/butterfly valve with cleaner.
  5. Try putting in a dose of Redex and running it through for a week
  6. I remember using radweld and even once cracking a raw egg in the radiator!
  7. Jesus! How the caliper didn't fly off i don't know. I'd be pointing out had it not been for your dad & his quick thinking you could have been killed when you applied the brakes and had they failed!!! I'd be expecting some form of compensation at the least for their gross incompetence! I'd also be contacting Ford head office about it. (You said it was a Ford garage that did the MOT) I'm also assuming you had some work done around the wheel otherwise you might have trouble blaming them for it?
  8. Did you also try your VIN number?
  9. Put your reg number into Ford etis and it will tell you if your car should do it or not (along with other things) also as Ryan says 'does it have rear electric windows' because if they're manual you won't have that feature.
  10. The brake disk 'wobbling about' is ok because it is held 'tight' by the wheel against the hub but the missing brake caliper bolt is a worry. I wouldn't be mincing my words when you let them know on Monday because I dread to think what could have happened had the other bolt sheared off/came loose and fell off!
  11. Check the resistance of your plug leads, one or more could be 'duff'. ---
  12. Check out Autobrite Direct for detailing products, they do some great stuff.
  13. Just an idea...... Sounds stupid but you could try disconnecting the pipe from the front jet (block the other pipe going to the 2nd front jet) and blow down the pipe (either by mouth or you could try a tyre inflator) It may dislodge anything down by the pump, failing that you'd need to get down to the pump/bottle & check for blockages.
  14. Mpg

    That sounds about right, I've got a 1.6 100ps and I'm driving 7 miles to work and back (All dual carriageway at 50mph) and getting 34mpg just now. The winter drags the mpg down, radio on, lights on, heating, air con etc all contribute to lowering mpg as does short trips. You'll find in the summer the mpg comes up by 4 or 5 mpg as its warmer
  15. Mpg

    Engine size? Petrol/diesel?