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  1. 100,000 or ten years whichever comes sooner! As yours is a 2013 model, unless it's near 100,000 then forget it just now.
  2. The scuttle panel clips onto the bottom of the windscreen (like a tongue & groove) give it a good tug & it should come off.......oooer missus!)
  3. Ignition coils? Does the mk1 (you said 2003 focus) have more than one coil?
  4. Another 'trick' I found that worked was pouring hot water over the drums (heat makes the drum expand) then drive the car for a bit to dry the drums off.
  5. Happens to mine in the wet (same as it did with my fiesta) I've tried new shoes to no avail so just learned to live with putting only one click on the handbrake and leaving it in gear!
  6. You should be able to see through the wheel if any copper grease has been applied, if you can't see any then there might not have been any and the guy is trying to fob you off. If that's the case take the pads out, apply some copper grease and put them back!
  7. Tim tams, they're very similar to our penguin biscuits. ;)
  8. The speed will be the average speed since the last reset.
  9. Check the drain pipe from the scuttle is clear, had a Cavalier once that was like a swimming pool until I squeezed the drain pipe to find it was choked with leaves causing the water to fill up under the skuttle and find its way into the car!
  10. you'd need the tracking done again to rectify the 'toe out' which must be bad if you can see wear already on the inner shoulders (I just had mine done for the same issue, almost bald on the inside yet about 3mm tread on the outside!). It should hopefully also quieten down the road noise a bit. I've found that when my tyres start to get down to the markers in the grooves that the tyres get noisier on the road which may be what your hearing if the inner shoulder has started to wear down to the markers.
  11. Just a thought but You could look at your 'log book' and get the address of the previous owner then look up the phone book for the area to give them a call as a last resort. (I did that with a prevous car I had and the guy came to the house with reg plates etc to use when I towed anything)
  12. Your wheels are now 'toe out' and need re tracked. Chances are the the bushes were already worn when you had the tracking done and now the bushes are new it's thrown the tracking back out again!
  13. Could possibly be a bit of grit trapped between the pad & disk which will eventually show up as a score of the disks surface. Glazing is when the disk has become too hot during braking causing a hard surface to form on the disk.
  14. It's draining rainwater from the scuttle and depositing it on the ground under the car!