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  1. Have just spotted in the forum that you can't use ELM 327 on a mk1 .... No idea where you heard about the ELM cables not giving you the 'true' picture. Many on the forum including myself use one without any problem to diagnose error codes. (Mine is a mk2 facelift though)
  2. Why not buy an ELM cable & check for codes yourself? regarding changing an airbag after a period of time .......
  3. Is it the original Ford screen? I'd say it should have the heated screen (my 2008 does) Look up fordetis and put your reg number in and it will tell you if it was fitted with one originally. You may find the connections have been damaged/broken at some point and someone's replaced the screen with a non heated one.
  4. Got a 2008 titanium, no noise through the aux whatsoever. Could it be picking up interference from something you have satnav/dashcam etc?
  5. It's personal taste which manufacturer you use, price and advice from others may sway your choice but in the end it's up to you.
  6. When I had a Cavalier 1.7TD (I'll wash my mouth out with soap later) I used to buy Halfords glowplugs for £24 rather than Vauxhall £100+ set. I was lucky to get a year out of them. The first cold night of the winter and I'd get a puff of smoke out the back, check the plugs and hey presto one would be a duffer. Buy cheap and you'll buy twice or more.
  7. Beam looks the same but pic 2 appears to be a 'cooler' light (bluish)
  8. Eicher, pagid, Bosch, Brembo ATE, APEC, Juratek, to name a few
  9. The person who had it cut may not have known that the key needs a transponder, or they had lost a key, knew they were selling it so decided to have another key cut so they were handing two keys over to the garage/new owner. (Some people never try both keys when they buy a car)
  10. One on the right doesn't look like a genuine Ford key (does it have the Ford logo on the rear?) maybe previous owner lost the second key and just had one cut from a new blank minus the chip?
  11. Not so hard to do, as you said, the knob screws onto the shaft so what's wrong with adding an 'extension' onto the screwed shaft to only lift the gearknob as per the OP request. I'm assuming you don't lift the gearknob to select reverse. If you do then do as Mac801123 says
  12. Yup, West Lothian here, Doh, and posted twice :) oops, lol
  13. You could manufacture an 'extension' quite easily depending on how the gearknob is connected to the shaft.