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  1. Missing FSH Dealer issues

    Any garage can (or should be able to) look up a cars service history wether that garage did the servicing or not. We didn't get a service book with our 08 reg (31,000 mile focus) and the garage sent us one marked up with dates, mileages etc but obviously couldn't stamp certain service intervals when they didn't service it. They did also send a computer print out to back the service history up with everything the car had had at all the services including damage to a rear door fixed! At the end of the day a FSH will add zilch if you sell the car back to a garage but adds to the value when they sell it!
  2. Tow Eye Cover

    Yep I bought one about 6-8 weeks ago to respray a bit on my sill, the paint is 'matt' and you then spray over with top coat to finish. Works a treat and matches perfectly! 👍🏻
  3. Tow Eye Cover

    Genuine Ford Avalon paint spray from Amazon with top coat £16, easy to spray and you have paint if needed to touch up areas on the car.
  4. 2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    There's a Facebook page on this, the pipes carry water and if they rust through causing water loss could be catastrophic. The owner of the page has taken up the fight for ecoboost customers who have had problems with the engine as Ford are fobbing customers off who have had engines failing due to water loss. The latest info being Ford have arranged for her to have a meeting at their head office. Might be beneficial having a look ..... look for Ford Focus EcoBoost 1.0L Turbo Zetec Faulty Coolant Pipe Engine Head Gasket on Facebook. (I know the page title says Focus but it's more for the ecoboost engine)
  5. Don't think there's any on a 1.6 petrol?
  6. Glove box fuse box

    See in your 'top' picture how all those wires go behind a panel........can that panel be removed? The Ford owners manual states the fusebox is behind the glove compartment! try also looking upwards from the footwell in case the box lies horizontally with a cover over it.
  7. brakes are really hot and smell like burning

    No hopefully about it, you said you can 'push' the car as normal, of course you will but because the brakes are new they won't be stopping you properly! If they glaze over you'll need to remove them and somehow remove the glaze as it will be rock hard! Bedding in brakes involves allowing minute bits of pad to attach themselves to the disk hence you should NOT be braking heavily until the bedding in process is complete! Don't try going down a long hill whilst applying the brakes heavily as you'll need new underpants!
  8. brakes are really hot and smell like burning

    New pads have a taper on them at either side so they look ok, don't worry. Because they're new they WILL smell until all the 'film' that was on them burns off with the heat. New brakes and pads take a few hundred miles of driving to 'bed in' which is why you normally get a bit on the instructions that specifically states you should NOT brake too heavily until they are fully bedded in. Not bedding new brakes in properly can cause brake fade, warped disks, glazed disks & pads and they will not stop the car properly. If I remember correctly the Brembos I fitted to my Focus took approximately 2 months before the smell stopped! A quick Google for 'bedding in new brakes' will explain in more detail why you must bed them in!
  9. Best cleaning/detailing products

    Autobrite Direct all the way 👍🏼
  10. 2007 fiesta mk6 facelift Ghia has all your looking for. My son had one till he bought a fiesta black edition 140bhp
  11. First, you need to purchase and fit a new tank then run the car again. The fact the tank is split the system can't pressurise.
  12. OBD Scanners
  13. wheel paint

    Not too hard if they're unscuffed, just make sure you rub them down thoroughly, degrease them and take your time.
  14. Rear Boot Trim

    Why not try using Araldyte Rapid (lots of it) and fix the trim. It can be done, mine was hanging off the body of the car so I stripped the internal trim of the bootlid off and glued all the lugs back on. Way cheaper than getting a new one!
  15. Fake sd cards,always check.

    The trouble with feedback on Amazon is, the feedback covers EVERY seller of a particular card (not just the seller your looking at) so it's hard to figure which sellers are dodgy!