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  1. Service history means nothing nowadays except if you sold it privately it 'might' give someone piece of mind but if you traded a car in with a FSH the garage won't give you any extra but they'll advertise it with a FSH to make it more attractive to a prospective buyer.
  2. Not wanting to sound cheeky but search YouTube for whatever it is you want a link to ...... coolant temperature sensor - engine temperature sensor ? You don't exactly state what you want a link to. Coolant temperature sensor - Cylinder head temperature sensor (2001 focus) -
  3. The garage that sold the car shou,d be able to retrieve the service history. When I bought my focus last year I didn't realise I didn't get the service book so phoned them to be told they'd send me one. Took a few weeks but I received a service book all marked up with dates and mileages but without stamps (they only stamped the services they did on the car) they did however give me a computer print out with mileages/dates and the name of the garage that did the previous services!
  4. Tried changing the resistor? (Commonly called ballast or choke)
  5. When you close (lock) the car you only get the indicator lights flash twice there is NO chirp! If you want to test it works, double lock the car (two presses on the lock symbol on the key unit so your indicators flash twice) then open the bonnet with your key and lift it. (Assuming a 2006 focus has a locking bonnet?) the alarm should sound after a few seconds.
  6. To find errors you really need an ELM cable and one of the free programs. The 'dash trick' might not show errors up and the codes it does show don't match up with the real error codes.
  7. Yep that's the right battery, I bought a yuasa calcium battery for my Focus just a couple of months ago and it's a good battery, had one in my fiesta mk6 as well.
  8. They're 'sealed for life' so can't top them up.
  9. It clears the varnish from the fuel lines, injectors etc. Some people swear by it, others 'poo poo' it. Fifth gear did a program ages ago using a VW to see if they could get the bhp back up and the best bhp gain was claimed back by using redex. See for yourself ....
  10. Could be coil pack/leads, depends on the 'shudder' could also be unbalanced wheels
  11. Hit a deer once down gullane when I was doing 60mph on a dark road, killed it outright but it had smashed my headlights, covered the car in hair and left a 3inch crack in my chassis! Went over a dead dear at night in the road in my last fiesta near Aviemore, had to swerve to go over it centrally (had I breaked, the twit behind me would've been up my rear end) left the underside of the car covered in hair and the rear of my car blood spattered! The twit behind me though got a burst radiator as he hit it 'full thwack' as he was too close to me to see it so couldn't take evasive action!
  12. Yes it's normal, wait till winter and between something like 2-4 degrees it will glow yellow, below 1 degree and it will turn red. It's a frost/ice warning on cold mornings.
  13. I'd rather buy it from a shop seeing as eBay has so many fakes/knock off & rip off merchants, and the fact from a shop you get it right away. I should add, I always used eBay, right up till the point my bank account was compromised! Although my money was returned no explanation was ever given as to why I had money removed!
  14. Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings but I just bought a yuasa battery for my focus and it was £99! That was a hsb075. 620 amps. You can though buy a smaller amperage halfords calcium battery from £65. The main thing is get a Calcium one!
  15. 40 - 42 is between 39.2 - 64.5, get the fuel leak fixed & it will improve. Like Micro i get around 37mpg & I have a 1.6 titanium petrol