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  1. Son fitted a set to his zetec S as well. Looks good
  2. Evening Matt ;) I'm 'just along the road'
  3. I'd say yep. Cheaper and easier. Son had similar on a fiesta, the garage quoted new pump & pipes so he just kept topping up & left it, went back 6 months later to the same garage and the same guy said it was the switch. One new switch later and all was well.
  4. Had a 1.4 from 9000 miles up to 98,000 miles (the 6.5 is just cosmetic changes) found the 1.4 great, 50mpg, reliable although had a couple of broken springs and the coil went once. (All standard problems) The only other things I changed in the 7 years I had it were brakes, brake pipes and disks. Easy to get parts for and cheaply! Not sure why some are saying its underpowered (everyone has their own opinion) because let's face it, it is what it is, a 'small family hatchback' and if you want a faster car, buy a faster car. Had a friend use a 1.4 as his 'everyday' car and drove a Mercedes CLK at weekends. Found it easy in town and also on longer drives to Inverness and Windermere from West Lothian.
  5. Does it allow you to chose an avatar? It may show up when you click that option. I'm on mobile just now so I click on a small square on screen where my profile pic should be.
  6. Could it be because the auto lock is "double locking" the door?
  7. You need to go into your profile, click on profile photo and upload one from your mobile/pc. I think you are either held to a 'pixel size' or a file size (kb)
  8. Just locked mine (2008 focus) from inside and pulled the handle to open it and one pull unlocks and opens the door if that's any help to you
  9. Just hang him!
  10. Normal jets 'stream' the water onto the screen, looks like someone has upgraded your front jets to the 'mist' ones.
  11. Had to get out of Auld Reekie as they killed it with the stupid traffic calming! Lol
  12. Should've asked how much pad was left and how they measured them! Bet they'd have stuttered and muttered!
  13. Araldite rapid works a treat, pull the trim off (it'll leave the clips in the bodywork) clean the old glue from the trim and the clips, mix up the epoxy (araldite rapid) and put it on the clips then offer the trim up and either clamp it in place or tape it tight with masking tape. (Lower the window and wrap the tape around the pillar). Did mine on my fiesta mk6 about 7 years ago and it's still on!
  14. I wouldn't bother with 'specs' for mpg as they're complete nonsense and this is why ->
  15. As Wilto says, WD40 or whilst the engine is running, you can drip a small amount of water onto the belt, if the noise vanishes then it's time to get a new belt.