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  1. His address should be on the documents? Easy and quicker to look up the phone book for his area and see if he’s listed.
  2. Cars don’t have chokes (as such) these days as it’s all controlled electronically. ‘If’ you have any friends able to do (or know how to do) work on a car, get them to clean the throttle body and very lightly lubricate the pin on the butterfly valve as it could be dirty/gummed up giving the symptoms you describe. You could also look on YouTube for videos on how to clean a throttle body.
  3. 2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    Page on Facebook where various ecoboost problems are documented with Ford replacing rusty turbos and blown engines outwith the warranty period. (Mostly 12/13 plate) Search Facebook for ‘ford focus ecoboost 1.0l turbo zetec faulty coolant pipe engine head gasket’
  4. ‘Trim on the edge of the screen’? A window fitter (autoglass) will cut around the sides and top of the screen to remove the excess rubber, remove the scuttle at the bottom of the windscreen, then feed the wire through from the inside to the outside, then using his ‘machine’ proceed to cut through the adhesive to remove the screen. The new screen basically comes complete, they just add adhesive and stick it into the ‘frame’, reconnect the connectors for the heated elements then refit the scuttle panel. (I’ve had two new screens in my Focus in the last 2 years!)
  5. Only ‘some’ mk2’s had an option for adjustable pedals, not all apparently. They were also electronically controlled I believe.
  6. Not a problem, as fleamoo says, perfectly normal........you’ll probably find that on some days it’s quieter and some it makes an almighty clunk!
  7. MPG for a 07 1.6 sport

    Have you had the battery out? (The computer resets if you do). When did you last change the air filter/plugs? Do you do short trips/drive with the air con on/accelerate hard before changing up a gear? Only asking as I have an 08 plate 1.6L 100ps driving 7 miles to/from work daily and just now I’m getting 35.2 mpg. (It gets up to around 38-39 on a 300 mile trip down the M6 to Wales though)
  8. MPG for a 07 1.6 sport

    Ford Etis
  9. Water gathering into top strut mount

    Somewhere in the forum another member came up with a fix on a fiesta. Have a browse around the fiesta Section 👍
  10. Rain Sensor Calibration

    Pilkington or Saint Gobain Sekurit are OE, on my Focus the original Ford stamped glass is Saint Gobain Sekurit.
  11. Core plugs

    If you can get access to the core plugs you should be able to do it yourself buying the core plugs from Ford. I’d expect a garage to charge at least an hours labour depending how many they needed to replace. I did one once on my sisters car and it wasn’t that hard, just dug the old coreplug out with a screwdriver, dried & cleaned the hole, smeared a little red hermatite around the coreplug then tapped it into the hole.
  12. Core plugs

    Are you positive it’s the core plugs and not the common problem of the water jets leaking water? (I’m assuming the water in the plugs smells of anti freeze?)
  13. This any help to you ..... http://www.specialisedengines.co.uk/engine-services/fiesta-xr2-xflow-fiesta-xr2-1600-cc-2
  14. Focus 1.6 2007/08 Auto HELP TO BUY

    2007/2008 focus ‘should’ve’ had the timing belt done (8 years or 100,000 miles whichever comes sooner)
  15. Are you positive the car is on level ground when you check the oil level and I’m assuming you’ve wiped the dipstick dry then dipped it again? Overfilling can be just as bad as too low an oil level, personally I’d leave it (but that’s just me) but if you wanted piece of mind you could easily slacken the sump plug a bit and let some oil drain out into a container then nip the plug back up and check the level again.