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  1. Yes, it matters which oil is used because the engines are ‘close tolerance’ engines so the correct viscosity of oil has to be used so that when the engine is cold the oil can easily get into the correct places.
  2. Some drivers are so unaware!

    Someone didn’t stop at a junction and pulled out on my son driving his 140psi black edition zetec s, when my son got out the car the guy asked HIM where he came from and just stood laughing! Had he had his 5 year old and pregnant partner in the car the guy would’ve been missing several teeth! Some people just don’t give a monkeys about other drivers and are in too much of a hurry to get to where they’re going.
  3. Original Ford alloys ....... https://www.fordpartsuk.com/shop/c/steel_wheels_alloy_wheels_wheel_trims_and_tyres_416/
  4. Spark plug fell into well

    That’s one of my worry’, first thing I did after having new plugs fitted at a service was remove them and put copper grease on them (they had none on!) then put them back and very gently just nipped them up!
  5. Spark plug fell into well

    If your just trying to get it back into place, something inserted into the port to manoeuvre the plug upright in the hole is easier than you think or as @Stef123 says ‘long nose pliers’
  6. http://www.clusterrepairsuk.co.uk/ give them a look, Im sure the prices start around £100 and you get a guarantee. You can always message/call them to ask......also try a google search for ‘instrument cluster repairs’
  7. Engine Differences

    As the timing belt change on an ecoboost is 150,000 miles/10 years Ford claim the engine life is at least 150,000. In reality (as we’re now seeing), it’s a lot less in some cases!
  8. Correct Battery

    Garage put a new ‘bog standard’ lead acid in mine when I bought it and it cooked itself within a year! I went out and bought a Yuasa calcium battery and had no problem since. Depends how old the car is as Ford have been using calcium batteries since mid to late 90’s.
  9. Looks like that latch is in the closed position
  10. Have a happy & safe Christmas and have a good New Year when it comes. ‘Lang may yer lum reek wi ithers coal’ 😉
  11. Doesn’t an automatic still have the P Gear For ‘park’? (Haven’t driven my dad’s in a while)
  12. I pull the handbrake up 2 notches and leave it in 1st gear. (2 notches because if it’s raining, if I pull it another notch, when I try to move off, the rear brakes stick and you hear them ‘crack’ off)
  13. Windscreen issues

    sadly not a lot you can do except get a new screen which would be at your cost unless by a twist of fate you get a a bad chip or crack in the windscreen 🤔
  14. Only you can decide if it’s worth the cost when it isn’t actually going to do anything! (As you said, you don’t have any problem with water getting in) Mine happened on a mk6 fiesta AND it had a huge air box cover over the engine as it was! I spotted mine and fixed it before it got to the stage of water filling the plug ports.
  15. If you don’t have any problem with water around the plugs then I’d leave the screen washers as they are.