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  1. Once smeared 'boat grease' over all my brake pipes so the road salt didn't effect them, the tester asked what the stuff was and said they couldn't check them so had to pass them. The stuff was like toffee so protected the pipes for as long as I had the car!
  2. Not sure of which pads to use but I'd guess the AD website would tell you. I put mine on by hand as my paintwork is ok. I reckon when I bought the car from uncle arnold 2 years ago they'd gone over it with a DA beforehand as it was spotless & gleaming.
  3. DIY shop, Some supermarkets, car motor factors shop. Ford obviously designed the trim/handle to break (hence the extortionate cost to replace!) when I fixed mine I placed plenty of epoxy around each clip to give them strength, that was over a year ago and to date they're still solid :)
  4. You could have used Araldyte Rapid (epoxy glue) to glue the clips back onto the handle as I had to do with mine. I'd have told Ford they could whistle Dixie for 400+ ! lmao at "what is w and anchor"
  5. The 'handle' is the bit of trim in your picture. You refer to it as your 'bootlid cover'!
  6. You'll need a DA/polisher to bring the shine back up
  7. Autobrite Direct has masses of stuff, the 'correct it' range is good to get rid of swirls/holograms, personally I use 'brilliance' 'carbanuba' 'project 32' on my mk2 amongst others.
  8. 5W-20 according to Fordparts........ and also discussed here .....
  9. Same thing was just asked 2 weeks ago! Take a look here ->
  10. You can remove the jets, clean the area and put a little sealant on them when you replace the jets in the bonnet apertures, or you can buy new jets with seals on them.
  11. Would help if you mentioned model/year of vehicle. Assume it's the bumper your after? Try
  12. Grinds reverse? If you mean when you go into reverse it grinds, you have to stop fully, let the engine 'slow' then slip the car into reverse (or you could double declutch) there is no synchromesh on reverse so that's why it can grind unless you do the above.
  13. Fingers crossed it could just be loose exhaust heatshields, either way as you've just bought it from a garage it'll have some warranty so they'll have to fix it!)
  14. Snap! My 2008 mk2 as well and only on 56,000 now :)
  15. I think he's saying "once the accused finds out his address he'll be 'paid' a visit!"