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  1. Watch out Badgers about!

    Got wild deer where I live roaming freely, saw one run in front of an articulated lorry one morning, the driver didn't even see it!
  2. Hidden diagnostic menu

    I think on the fiesta you press the end of the indicator stalk to toggle through the menu to get back to mpg. The manual will tell you the method.
  3. Personally I'd be making one out of paper mache (using a mates one as a template) and using Velcro to stick it up!
  4. Not the normal mpg question

    Dropped from 39 in the warmer months to 33! (100PS petrol)
  5. Total N00B With Charging The Battery

    Ah winfield, woolworths old brand ;)
  6. Paint code issues

    Ford colour codes 2002 2012
  7. 08 plate 1.8 Derv

    There won't be a fuel cap as it'll have Fords easy fuel system. (You should see the fuelling hole is covered with a plate till you insert the fuel nozzle) The car will either be a mk2 or a mk2 facelift ..... The facelift has headlights that have a 'swept back' look similar to a Mondeo. (If you look at my profile photo, I have the facelift model so you can see)  Not sure about the cambelt on a diesel as I've got a 1.6 petrol ..... 

    Saw a video in another post where a fiesta wouldn't start, immobiliser light flashing and communication problem. It was solved by cleaning the earth point on the strut next to the battery. Just a thought.
  9. Field mouse

    get a cat and you'll never have a mouse in the house!
  10. Lookie what I found

    I had a 'G' reg one, only thing I ever had to buy for it in 112,000 miles (apart from brakes and exhaust parts) was a new stearing knuckle! Only thing that stopped it running was the tree my son wrapped it around! 
  11. Used to happen on my fiesta mk6 and now I have a focus facelift it happens on one wheel only, I'm assuming it's the damp getting into the pad lining swelling it up making it stick so now I only use one click on the handbrake and leave it in gear in my driveway at night. So far I haven't found anything to cure it!
  12. The site

    Seems ok here but when I open a page on a topic It always opens on the last post!
  13. Rubber nut caps

    If ever you require new ones .....
  14. loss of power (juddering )

    Sounds like coil pack which can take the plugs and leads with it! Easy to check the leads, check the resistance with a meter.