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  1. Windscreen issues

    sadly not a lot you can do except get a new screen which would be at your cost unless by a twist of fate you get a a bad chip or crack in the windscreen 🤔
  2. Only you can decide if it’s worth the cost when it isn’t actually going to do anything! (As you said, you don’t have any problem with water getting in) Mine happened on a mk6 fiesta AND it had a huge air box cover over the engine as it was! I spotted mine and fixed it before it got to the stage of water filling the plug ports.
  3. If you don’t have any problem with water around the plugs then I’d leave the screen washers as they are.
  4. I Need help with my first car

    Might sound a stupid question but.....tell me that isn’t grit on the roof?
  5. You could seal the jets using a little silicon sealant (I did that on my fiesta mk6) most though choose to buy the new jets with the seal underneath.
  6. High Idle?

    Was it warmed up?
  7. Front clunking noise

    Sounds like a part of the suspension is worn. Could be strut mount, ball joint, drop link, track rod end. If your not sure what to look for, a garage would tell you in seconds.
  8. Is my fiesta MPG Good? Please Respond!

    You’ll never achieve the ‘claimed’ mpg figures as they’re from tests in a laboratory environment. Your driving style, type of road, whether you use the air con/heater etc all effect the mpg. The fact it’s now winter your mpg drops a little anyway. Personally I’d say your 44 isn’t too bad for a 1.25 but someone with the same model should confirm it.
  9. Misfire after cambelt change

    Missfire on cylinder4 if I remember right normally suggests a faulty coil. When the coil goes it can also take out the plugs and leads, the O2 sensor ‘could’ be a symptom of the coil failing.
  10. Little knock

    I think you’ll need to remove the mirror cover and it will fit in from the inside as per the post above.
  11. Misfire after cambelt change

    Did they hook it up to a diagnostics to read the codes?
  12. Misfire after cambelt change

    Sounds more like the coil/leads or plugs have gone (the misfire) when the coil breaks down it can sometimes also effect the O2 sensor but the O2 sensor issue could just be a symptom due to the coil/plugs/leads.
  13. MOT Brake Failure

    Don’t see any reason why they would fail a retest unless the handbrake wasn’t adjusted correctly, after all if you had the garage do them they wouldn’t bed the brakes in either!
  14. MK2 revs

    Yep as JW1982 says 3200rpm is right, I’m getting 34mpg in mine just now on a 7 mile daily journey to work and 7 miles back, in summer I get around 36 and up around 39mpg on a 300 mile motorway journey!
  15. Sons friend just had a recall to fit the new type hose on his focus ecoboost!