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  1. Could it be the switch on the steering pump? Sons leaked from here and a new switch fixed it.
  2. SOLID CORE CONDUCTOR WIRES Solid metal (copper, tin-plated copper and/or stainless steel) conductor wires are still used in racing on carbureted engines, but can cause all sorts of running problems if used on vehicles with electronic ignition, fuel injection and engine management systems, particularly if vehicle is driven on the street — and damage to some original equipment and aftermarket electronic ignition and engine management systems can occur. Solid metal conductor wires cannot be suppressed to overcome EMI or RFI without the addition of current-reducing resistors at both ends of wires. Sourced from ->
  3. I doubt you'll ever buy the nut covers, personally I bought a full set of 'solid' wheelnuts (16) off 'the Bay of E' for £18 something like these ->|Model%3AFocus|Cars+Year%3A2009&hash=item5d362452ba:g:RdEAAMXQgb1RVf-b
  4. In a nutshell, Nope, can't be done.
  5. Yep, I edited my post the same time you replied ;)
  6. just spotted it's a diesel so edited my reply ...oops! Can the mods delete this post please.
  7. 3 - a fiesta mk3, fiesta mk6 and a focus mk2 1.6 facelift titanium
  8. Sons got a black edition zetec s, haven't noticed any chips on the roof and I think the steering is electrically assisted.
  9. Title says 'knocking' but your post states 'rattle'? If it's a rattle it could be a loose exhaust heat shield tapping against the exhaust , if it's a knock it could be a track rod end. From your post I'd go for the loose heatshield.
  10. Depends on the Halfords you use, our one didn't have any so I popped into the maplins next door and bought a tube of silicon grease for just over £4 :)
  11. If it was the pack it would only blow on position4 and it would be hot or cold, the fact it's hot only means as per MJNewtons post.
  12. Son had the switch leak on his mk6 fiesta facelift and yes it leaked all the fluid out!
  13. Son fitted a set to his zetec S as well. Looks good
  14. Evening Matt ;) I'm 'just along the road'
  15. I'd say yep. Cheaper and easier. Son had similar on a fiesta, the garage quoted new pump & pipes so he just kept topping up & left it, went back 6 months later to the same garage and the same guy said it was the switch. One new switch later and all was well.