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  1. Could be the well documented cluster fault. If so you can send it off for a repair for around £100. 'Search the forum for focus mk2 cluster fault'
  2. Grip the top of the rear seats from the boot and tug them back and forth, on my 2004 fiesta I found the hook that clips the seats into position was making a noise. I just left mine as is but I've heard others who have wrapped a bit of electrical tape around the pin to make it fit snugly. This 'might' be what you are hearing as well.
  3. Sainsbury's, Livingston
  4. Some people don't realise their driving is appalling. My own son burnt a clutch out in his fiesta because he drove with his foot touching the clutch! Even when the clutch burnt out he had no idea why his revs were rising but he was getting nowhere. The fact the original posters tyres are supposedly worn would show he's been 'ragging' it hence my comment about photos so like I said, some people think they're the worlds best drivers when in fact they aren't!
  5. Autobrite Direct stuff here..... Purple Rain wheel cleaner Project 32 paint sealer and. Quick detailer Carbanuba banana scented liquid wax Crystal glass cleaner Liquid Gloss spray wax (liquorice scented)
  6. Amazingly we all think we're the best driver in the world but in reality we're not! Anyone can burn a clutch out and some do, in less time than others, the fact his tyres are also worn might be the decider in this....any photos of said worn tyres?
  7. How worn are your tyres, I've found that as you get 'near the limit' of wear the road noise tends to increase. Second what Benjamin said.
  8. Did you try disconnecting the battery?
  9. No, wet and dry means you can use the sandpaper either 'wet', or dry as normal. When I said wipe the residue off I meant with a dry cloth.
  10. Just as it says, wet and dry, basically get a piece of the 'paper' and soak it in water then just use it like sandpaper, gently sanding as you don't want to remove all the paint off. Just wipe the residue off when finished, just remember to use plenty of water on the paper.
  11. Any chance your 'blower' is set to the windscreen by any chance? If so it could be like the focus whereby if your air is directed to the windscreen setting, when you switch the blower on the aircon comes on automatically to help demise the windscreen. (The aircon is 'dry air')
  12. Of course not, it's only an ST after all
  13. Should do (or at least it will reset in a similar way) try it and see!
  14. Could also be plug leads, check the lead resistance ( ) as one could be 'away'. About £28 for a decent set.
  15. Unfortunately (or is it fortunately) I've never been captured by a traffic light camera so couldn't say what you get when/if caught but I'm sure some one 'in the know' will confirm the procedure shortly. update: just been informed by sons fiancé that her brother received a fine AND points (3) on his licence. Not sure if there will be a difference between the procedure between Scotland - England.