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  1. Happy Birthday Scarab 87!

  2. Mk 7 Build Quality... Really That Good ?

    No I think they should already work, if not take it your dealer and they should sort it.
  3. Mk 7 Build Quality... Really That Good ?

    If it has bluetooth it will have 6. 4 in the front as mentioned and 2 in the rear.
  4. Mk 7 Build Quality... Really That Good ?

    Yes the Zetecs without bluetooth/usb has 2 speakers in front (lower door) and 2 tweeters (near door handles). I think they are made by Pioneer.
  5. Mk 7 Build Quality... Really That Good ?

    Ok ... I went to my local ford dealer earlier and they quoted me approx £160 labour just to fit the speakers! (approx 1hr per rear panel) The rear speakers if Im correct are 3 way 180 watt Pioneer and was quoted approx £50 for the pair. ... So I think Im going to go a car audio centre that I know. There Is no way Im paying that! Also does anybody know the product or model number for the rear Pioneer speakers ?
  6. Mk 7 Build Quality... Really That Good ?

    Thats what I'll do then. Im taking it in to the dealer anyway to get rear speakers fitted as it doesn't have any!
  7. Hi all, New to the site, just joined this week so here goes first post. Had my Fiesta 6 months now and love it, not had one problem with it apart from this annoying rattling sound from the doors when the music is turned up and the windscreen pillar. My previous car which was a Corsa didn't do this and was about 5 years old! I thought these new Mk7's would be a descent build. I know they say you get what you pay for but come on! Anyone else agree.. ? Also Would they sort a rattling problem on warranty?