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  1. it is a good practice to put in neutral and a ply the hand brake as leaving it in gear could lead to the gaer box oil to over heat and reduce its life.
  2. Starter Motor

    sounds like your solenoid is ok but if your battery is ok then its the secondry windins in the motor so new motor or take it to an auto electrian.
  3. Turbo Pipe

    is the oil on the inside of the pipe or the out side as if it is on the in side that is normal but if it is on the out side on ether end of the pipe with no splits then they should of just tighten hope this helps.
  4. Squawking Brakes

    as part of my job i change alot of brake pads and the manafactures have tryed all sorts to solve this problem like metal shims and paper baking on the pads but they all fail at some point and you can not go roung with a bit of grease.
  5. Squawking Brakes

    there are 2 hex drive bolts that hold the caliper on once these are un done remove the caliper and the pads should just sit in the bracket net to the disk but if you dont feel comfortable with this you can not go far roung with a haynes manual.
  6. Squawking Brakes

    as long as both sides are wearing the same your piston is ok but to stop the squeeling just take your pads out and add a little bit of copper grease and that should solve it