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  1. Oooooo would love to go! Not sure if my little KA will look out of place though?
  2. Battery Light

    Hey, Just wondering, how old is that car? I would clean off the contacts, if that fails pop the car into a garage and get the battery load tested. Might just be that the battery is at the end of its life.
  3. Im Neeew

    Hey up! Im new if you hadn't of guessed. Really into my fords - currently own a 53 plated KA and an american Galaxie. Other half has a focus and my sister has a fiesta. Look after all of them myself- I can do most things except rear wiper blades! Anyway thought I would join and see if I can get some advice Re: rear wiper motor on a KA
  4. Hey, Ive got a 53 plated ford KA with a dogey rear wiper blade. The last couple of years it has worked when its wants to, however yesterday when you try to use the wiper the blade spins all the way round and drops down to clean the boot paintwork.... quite handy when it comes to keeping the paintwork clean- but kind of useless at everything else. Any idea what might be wrong? Could it just be that the motor has given up the ghost?