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  1. Finally sorted eBay spare for my zetec s, but confused if I can use older fiesta wheel jacks or do I need a mk8 one. The local ford garage says I need a specific one, but they would say that as it's £ 55 in their !Removed! pocket!!!. Any help gratefully received
  2. Fiesta Zetec S Spare Wheel Size

    Just for my own piece of mind , looking at an escort wheel 175\65 R14 4 stud on ebay. have checked escort offset is 35 to 42, and new fiesta is 38 to 42.pcd and bore are identical . Will this work??. sorry if this is a daft question
  3. Fiesta Zetec S Spare Wheel Size

    cheers, its so annoying as i picked up a demo with 1700 miles on the clock and they said because the 'box' hadnt been ticket its now going to cost me £150.But surely they should have ticked the box!!!! cheers, will spend rest of the day checking scrapy's.
  4. Hope someone can help , picked up my 09 zetec S but only came with puncture kit. What size spare wheel do i need. Will a 175/65 R14 suffice??