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  1. Y reg Focus Rust will it be covered by Ford?

    But have a look at extensive list of exculsions. Many items are not covered beyond 12m. My 14m old fiesta, with 14k miles, needs new front brake discs / re-alignment of front wheels which has caused excessive wear, with tyres needing replacement by about 20k...... Total bill around £300.
  2. warranty

  3. Ford 3 Yr Warranty

  4. Optional Warranty

    Hi, It's not a 3 year warranty. My 14m old fiesta with 14k miles, has warped front discs and i'm told it's not covered by 3yr warranty, as brakes are only covered by 12m warranty. Not a 3 year warranty then, is it. Tyres at 14k will need to be replaced by 20k - and there's lots of complaints on forums about low mileage front tyre replacements on fords. Part of the problem will be the bad alignment causing uneven tyre wear. TOTAL BILL AROUND £300. Utterly shocking. Never buy FORD again.
  5. New Fiesta Front Tyre Wear

    I've always shopped around for tyres and found blackcircle to be very good, with top brands at best prices, fitted by network of local dealers. Much cheaper than well known companies. My local ford will match kwik fit, but blackcircle will be cheaper like for like (pretty certain, anyway).
  6. New Fiesta Front Tyre Wear

    I have 1.4d zetec fiesta. front tyres have just over 13k and will definately need replacing before too long. I've had several minis over the last few years (60k on front tyres) and more recently 4 corsa diesels (35k on front tyres), so I'm bewildered to find such wear. I'll take mine to dealership too, but don't expect miracles, but will post outcome.