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  1. I managed to get the right pipe and fit it. Although my car is a 57 plate, it was built at the end of 2007, so the part was for the 2008 (mk2.5) model. It's solved that problem, but the slight 'stutter' I sometimes feel when driving at constant speed is still there. It's like a misfire, and I've only noticed driving at a constant speed with the revs around 1700rpm.
  2. Hi folks. I'm hoping for some help with a problem I have. A few weeks ago the engine light came on orange. I took it to get diagnosed, and the mechanic said the faults were not related, and cleared them. I've driven around 500 miles since then, and the light came on again. I had a look at the engine, and noticed some oil that had been sprayed around the turbo, and forward on to the radiator fan. I took it to a local mechanic, and he said he thought that there was a split in the air inlet hose to the turbo. He said it was an easy fix I could do myself, and I so I ordered a new hose. Sure enough when I removed the old hose, there was a split in it, just below the jubilee clip that holds it on to the turbo. The problem I have is that the new hose isn't the same size or shape as the old hose. Where I ordered it from had it advertised as a hose for a MkII Focus 1.6TDCI, which is what I have. The only extra information on the site was that it was for cars fitted with the square air filter, which is also what I thought I have. So I'm not sure why it's different, or more importantly, what I need to order. I've not been able to find a hose anywhere that looks the same as the one fitted. Does anyone know if there was a variation, or know where I could order the part. For comparison, I've attached photos of the hose I ordered, and the one fitted to my car. The one I ordered; The one on my car looks like this. Note the main difference is in the length, and the part of the hose to the right of the small hose is 'offset' rather than straight.
  3. Hi folks. I bought a used Focus Style 1.6TDCI on a 57 plate, just over a year ago. It was shown as first registered in Dec 07. I've now been looking into child seats, and reading up about isofix, which as I understand it was standard on cars after Sept 07. But when I check my car, there's no isofix fitted. I had read that it could be inside the bottom of the back cushions, and would just need a kit fitted to use it. But I've had a good feel around and can't find anything that feels like it might be the isofix clamps. Does anyone know much about when isofix was standard on all cars, and should I have it on my one?