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  1. Yeah I've had an after-market stereo installed in my Focus since the day I bought it and I can still use the "secret" dash mode just fine, I'd check your installation.
  2. I thought that the whole centre console would need changing if I wanted the holders from a face-lifted car? It's can holders that I want, the holders at the moment are so huge that even a 1 litre bottle falls out of them. Edit: Yep, looks like I'd need to replace the whole thing unfortunately, might well do it though, I need cup holders.
  3. Ok so I have a pre-facelift Mark 1 Focus. I was just wondering if anyone has any advice on improving the utterly useless cup holders. I absolutely love my car but as I'm sure you know, the cup holders are a just a waste of space an I'm getting fed up. Any ideas?
  4. I have this exact same problem, did you get to the bottom of it in the end?