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  1. Happy Birthday david raptor!

  2. what tipe of fly wheel is it
  3. well the car as been back to ford 2 more times the car is still the same now ford say that type of engine dose pink so what a have dose ive parted x it for a new car
  4. the car is runing on shell fuel and the ecu have been up date and calibrated :( its back in the garage agan
  5. it was in fords and they could not find anything
  6. i have a ford focus 2007 16 has a miss fire only when the rph is at 200 and it is pinking it been in the garage 3 times now its had 1 coil pack new plugs and leads .i had the car back fraday and told me they had fixed my car so went for a drve 2 miles later the pinking was back and the miss fire .any ideas plz
  7. i have a ford focus 1.6 on a 2007 there is no fuel filter on mine
  8. Bhp

    just to let you guys kwon it is the coil pack i took the car back to were i bought it from should have the car back to morr
  9. Bhp

    i have a look the car is 115 bhp it dont go very well she on a 07 but the car as not done any work as she only done 14000 i did that test but it said all clean
  10. Bhp

    i have you brought a ford focus 1.6 2007 zetec climate how could i find out which bhp and i have a miss fire only when doing about 60 mph in 5 gear but not all the time