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  1. Thanks for that will let him know.
  2. sorry car is a tdci thanks
  3. Hi all my friend has just bought a 55 mondeo estate 20 diesel tdi, the car starts fine when cold but really struggles to start when warm.Has anyone had similar problems? thnks
  4. Should I Have 2 Remotes

    thanks will have a word with dealer wish I,d said I wanted 2 remotes at time of sale just thought I,d get 2 which I,d seen on the ford site.
  5. Should I Have 2 Remotes

    Hi all hope someone can help me with my question,ordered new fiesta zetec on 31 mar 2010 waited for delivery as car was at factory received car on 20 april. I was under the mpressin after looking onford website that I should have got 2 remotes with the car. I recomended these cars to a friend who bought the exact same model and picked it up on 5 may with 2 remote flip keys as stated on ford website.the car is a fiesta zetec 12.5 3 door. emailed ford a few times but no response, have I bought an old stock car? if so what can i do about it thanks in advance.