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  1. Badboy Bonnets?

    Has any one heard any thing about badboy bonnets or any thing to take out the curves in the bonnet and bumper where the ford badge would be??
  2. I suppose that is very true i think it probly would be best to get one from ford or somewhere like that cheers guys and btw the reason i didnt want to spend as much is because i want to spend more on perfomace parts =)
  3. ive had a look on ebay nd there isnt any thing realy there were loads that said zetec s but they didnt have vents nd the one that is on there is like £160 which is like the same as ford but ty ne way <_< nd ford parts centre is realy expencive, im lookin for a second hand one which is a bit hard to find cuz realy i will only find one that is of a broken car i can get is sprayed for free so it dosnt mater what colour <_<
  4. Hi m8 i was looking at one of your posts and i was wondering how you got your spoiler for so cheap?? and was it £150 for the spoiler and then more to paint it or was that £150 with the paintig included???

    Thanks Dan

  5. Hi people im looking for a zetec s rear spoiler for my mk7 and i dont realy want to buy it from ford as its not cheap =/ can any one help me??