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    2001 Mondeo 2.5 Ghia X
  1. Yep, heated seat switched on my Ghia X Cheers!
  2. What's the best and least messy preventative measure with this problem? Mine seems to operate fine and freely, but if there is a recommended lubricant that doesn't make a monster mess of the car and key? Cheers!
  3. A good few years back I used to recondition power racks, and the main modern ones at that time were sierra racks, and mostly it was down to numerous circlips, retaining washes, and o-rings. It's quite likely that you could buy the seal kits for the rack, but it would be a pretty hit or miss job as to whether you got it stripped, cleaned sufficiently and reassembled with all the seals intact and uncontaminated... and without a fluid power rig to test it with it would be quite gutting to get it back in situ and fired up only to find a leak still exists. Recon rack would be my route I reckon. Dunno what they cost these days though. Cheers!
  4. Well I got my car back, alternator replaced, and with the knocking noise cured. It was as suggested early on in the thread the drop links. Seems they were shot on both sides, and have thus been replaced. She know purrs along in silence save for that rather pleasing V6 sound :) Cheers!
  5. If it makes you feel better, my V6 computer shows around 32mg cruise controlled at 75mph lol I have wondered how accurate the computers are myself. Cheers!
  6. Maybe someone safety minded swapped it for a non tilt restraint (assuming you aren't the owner from new), or by 06 Ford changed them but elected not to go to the cost of adjusting the manual. It seemed weird to me that only the drivers one adjusted on mine, though I have mine tilted to the same angle as the non tilting passenger one anyway. Cheers!
  7. How did it go? I did wonder how entry would be gained if anything went awry as I have never had a car before that required key entry to the bonnet. Cheers!
  8. He didn't mention what year, but mine is a 2001 Ghia X V6, and it is cable operated, though looking at the engine end there are two cables, but non the less, the throttle certainly isn't fly by wire. Or at least I'm assuming not from seeing said cables? But then we all know what they say about assuming! lol Cheers!
  9. I'll update this later today hopefully, the car is in the garage as my alternator failed last week, so the knock will be checked out while the car is ramped for the alternator. I can kind of live with it if I know for sure it's nothing major & dangerous, but hopefully they will work out what it is (maybe lol) Cheers!
  10. Mine isn't that bad, but it does seem to run out of puff before I expect, and I think with mine it is down to the throttle cable, as I have quite a bit of movement on the throttle peddle before the throttle actually does anything, and so I think it's never really getting full throttle. Total guess though, I am no expert on these cars like some here :) Cheers!
  11. On my 2001 Ghia X the drivers head restraint angles back and forth, but the passanger side does not, maybe they have become swapped over in your car? See if the passenger one will? Cheers!
  12. Well I had a friend of my dads who does all the bits n bobs on his car to have a look at it. He grovelled under the car, and was checking all the bushes on the front of the car, and there was nothing there. He couldn't see anything relating to the exhaust loose either, so he drew a blank :-/ The car did have a new clutch fitted just before I got it, so I wonder if something has been left undone somewhere that isn't obvious to see under the car? What ever it is though is knocking quite a bit, but although I can feel it through the floor when it does it, it just isn't a heavy sound. So after payday I will have to book it in to my local garage and let them have a test drive and a gander at it. Cheers!
  13. Ok cool, thanks, will look at getting the car in to a garage to have said bushes checked out :) Cheers!
  14. Just realised I didn't pop in here. Seems like a nice forum this, and so a hello from South Yorkshire (Sheffield) I owned a good few Capris back in the day, but this is my first ford for quite some time, and am loving my V6 Ghia X Mondeo :-) Cheers!
  15. Thanks for replying, would I be right to presume that I could grovel under the front of the car, and grapple the roll bar and feel play in it? The other thing I wonder is that the car was MOT'd back in March, so would those bushes have shown significant wear back in early March for the MOT? Cheers!