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  1. ford puma - over revving

    I had a similar problem and had to have a lambada sensor replaced.
  2. Wanted - Ford puma 1.7 Exhaust

    I purchased an exhaust from a company called Pumabuild. They had standard back box, but i went for the Piper back box with 4" slash cut tail pipe. It gives a subtle purr and is not a loud asbo exhaust!
  3. Oil

    Hello Everyone!! Newbe Here!! I am wondering what oil you guys use in your Pumas? I have a T reg 1.7 and finding that she needs to be topped up with oil and Im not sure that I am using the best any recommendations??!! I am going to carry out my own service on her with a mechanic friend as she also needs some work doing after only just passing her MOT last month so though I should get it all done as soon as possible (im not a very patient person!) as I want her running as best as she can!! Any suggestions welcome please!!