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  1. Removing Radio

    Anyone know the brute force method when even ford cant get one out with the keys ? got an 05 model with the 6000cd that just wont come out. If i rip off the radio facia will i be able to acess the clips or am i doomed to be stuck with a radio i cant get out ?
  2. Phone Button.

    Well ive tried time and time again to connect to it via bluetooth wthout any luck so im gonna pop out the fitted stereo (6000cd) and get one with onboard bluetooth,usb etc,saves farting about with parot kits i suppose. Anyone recommend an aftermarket set that works ok for not too many squids ? Turns out that the fitted stereo is faulty anyway, only plays the first four tracks of any cd,original or copy it doesnt matter, so i gotta change it anyway.
  3. Phone Button.

    Just bought the missus a 2005 cmax 1.8 ghia. Lovely car and a nice upgrade from her mk1 focus estate. It doesnt seem to have too many extras as most ghias seem to be fully loaded but the one that puzzles me is the "phone" button. What does this actually do ? I assumed it was a bluetooth thing but my phone cant detect anything although my daughter claimed to "Find" lg blah blah... Is it useable or do i need some sort of kit to make use of it ?
  4. Failed Mot Today

    I know the test is nearly similar but here in NI we have no choice but to use official government test centres and they are a lot more thorough than your local mot garage would be on the mainland. I suppose that explains why there is not that many mk2 escorts,vauxhall vivas and the like on the roads over here compared to the rest of the uk. At least it wont hurt too much getting his car sorted for retest .
  5. Failed Mot Today

    Oh well, the young lads mk1 failed MOT today. Not the end of the world i suppose but then again,here in Northern Ireland our MOT is a lot tougher than on the mainland. Front balljoint-defective,dirty front brake pipe and brake hose assembly-bulged both front,whatever that means ??? Done some googling on front brake hoses but it only brings up mega expensive RS hoses. Cant see my mechanic till monday but shouldnt be too much hassle. You people on the mainland have it soo easy at MOT time.
  6. Window Tinting On A Focus

    Give it a few days and it will look a lot better. Takes a while to dry out but if its still bad then the bloke that fitted it should stand by his work.
  7. Window Tinting On A Focus

    Here in Belfast it costs £120 although you can haggle it down to £100 as there are so many competitors that want your buisness. Looks great as well when its done right.
  8. Using Oil But Not Always ?

    Much googling also points to piston rings maybe sticking,apparently with a diesel its ok just to rev the horlicks out of it which burns off the crud but its a no no with a petrol engine. Anyone have any ideas or solutions ?
  9. Arm Rest Broke

    Maybe time for the coat with the big pockets i think.
  10. Using Oil But Not Always ?

    Hmmm, the sons 1.6 2002 petrol focus has recently used quite a bit of oil but its being totally inconsistant about it. The car has 136000 miles racked up and i expect it to use some black stuff but lately he had to top up over about a month and used about a gallon while covering about a 1000 miles. Over easter we took the car away with us and covered another 800 miles within 10 days with no oil usage at all. There are no leaks or drips and we are using the correct grade, 5w/30. Any suggestions or ideas whats going on here ? The engine management light comes on from time to time but there are no error codes stored and the light seems to come on just as the oil level drops to near minimun,but the oil light itself has never came on as we check the car daily to be on the safe side.
  11. Arm Rest Broke

    Still not got it sorted but had a nosey again and the plastic ring,circular bit that goes into the side of the seat looks like its cracked and split so gonna look around for an arm rest to test but gotta feeling that they are pretty hard to get hold of.
  12. Arm Rest Broke

    Son has a 1.6 ghia 2002 and leaned on the arm rest,snapping noise and obviously broken,raised it back up but now it wont go back down. Had a nosey but cant see anything obvious. I assume that whatever is broken is inside the drivers seat and not the rest ?
  13. Something Snapped Behind Clutch Pedal

    Well im gonna have to drag the car back later but the sketch the son showed me points to the piston having snapped. Looks likes its hands in pocket time again. :(
  14. Young lad just texted, something snapped behind clutch. Hmmm... He reckons some white plastic thing broke and looks like the cable been sucked back into possibly the cylinder or whatever is behind there. Clutch pedal operates normally but is no longer operating what it should be so wondering what it could be. He is getting it towed back later but it will be wednesday before i can get it to my friendly grease monkey. Its a 2000mk1 1.6 petrol model. Any ideas ?